Ten Authors I Own The Most Books From

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If you want to get technical, I own all of THE JUNIE B. JONES books and the NANCY DREW books, but they are waiting for my future children so I'm not counting those. A lot of these authors, JLA excluded, made this list because I read them before I became a blogger and though I may have preferred their books a lot more when I was younger, they'll have a special place in my heart because of the love of reading they instilled in me.

The ten authors I own the most books from is as follows...

1. Jennifer L. Armentrout/J. Lynn: 23 books
2. Cassandra Clare: 9 books
  • The Infernal Devices: Clockwork Angel, Clockwork Prince, Clockwork Princess
  • The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, City of Ashes, City of Glass, City of Fallen Angels, City of Lost Souls
  • The Iron Trial  
3. Maggie Stiefvater: 9 books
  • The Wolves of Mercy Falls Series: Shiver, Linger, Forever, Sinner
  • The Raven Cycle: The Raven Boys, The Dream Thieves
  • The Scorpio Races
  • Books of Faerie: Lament, Ballad
4. J.K. Rowling: 7 books (worth noting I own two different sets of this series so I really have 14)
  • The Harry Potter Series: Sorcerer's Stone, Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban, Goblet of Fire, Order of the Phoenix, Half-Blood Prince, Deathly Hallows
5. Julie Kagawa: 7 books
  • Talon
  • The Iron Fey Series: The Iron King, The Iron Daughter, The Iron Queen, The Iron Knight
  • Blood of Eden Series: The Immortal Rules, The Eternity Cure
6. Rick Riordan: 7 books
  • Percy Jackson and the Olympians original covers: The Lightning Thief, The Sea of Monsters, The Titan's Curse, The Battle of the Labyrinth, The Last Olympian
  • The Lightning Thief new cover
  • The Lost Hero
7. Ally Carter: 7 books
  • Heist Society: Heist Society, Uncommon Criminals, Perfect Scoundrals
  • Gallagher Girls: I'd Tell You I Love You But Then I'd Have To Kill You, Cross My Heart and Hope To Spy, Don't Judge A Girl By Her Cover, Only The Good Spy Young
8. Meg Cabot: 6 books (technically 7)
9. Sarah J. Maas: 6 books (soon to be 7 with the release of HEIR OF FIRE)
  • Throne of Glass Series: Throne of Glass hardcover, Throne of Glass paperback, Crown of Midnight ARC, Crown of Midnight hardcover, Heir of Fire ARC, The Assassin's Blade novellas
10. Jessica Day George: 6 books
  • Castle Glower Series: Tuesdays at the Castle, Wednesdays in the Tower, Thursdays with the Crown
  • Princess Series: Princess of the Midnight Ball, Princess of Glass, Princess of the Silver Woods
11. Aprilynne Pike: 6 books
12. Victoria Schwab: 5 books (she'd be higher on the list if she had more books currently released!)

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DNF Review: Mortal Danger by Ann Aguirre

Series: Immortal Game #1
Publication Date: August 5, 2014
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends
Reading Level: Young Adult
Pages: 384 (ARC)
Source: From Publisher For Review
Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Edie Kramer has a score to settle with the beautiful people at Blackbriar Academy. Their cruelty drove her to the brink of despair, and four months ago, she couldn't imagine being strong enough to face her senior year. But thanks to a Faustian compact with the enigmatic Kian, she has the power to make the bullies pay. She's not supposed to think about Kian once the deal is done, but devastating pain burns behind his unearthly beauty, and he's impossible to forget.

In one short summer, her entire life changes, and she sweeps through Blackbriar, prepped to take the beautiful people down from the inside. A whisper here, a look there, and suddenly... bad things are happening. It's a heady rush, seeing her tormentors get what they deserve, but things that seem too good to be true usually are, and soon, the pranks and payback turns from delicious to deadly. Edie is alone in a world teeming with secrets and fiends lurking in the shadows. In this murky morass of devil's bargains, she isn't sure who—or what--she can trust. Not even her own mind...
~*~Lili's Reflections~*~

I put this book down after a mere two chapters (33 pages). Such a thing is incredibly rare for me, but this book frustrated me so much that I couldn't continue. I haven't read anything else by Aguirre, but I know her Razorland trilogy and her adult steampunk have been super popular, so I'm a little shocked by this one being so full of frustrating cliches.

To begin, we're supposed to be able to pity our main character and feel for her. Edie is about to commit suicide in the very beginning of the book! But instead of feeling anything for her, I had a complete lack of emotional connection to her. This is because she is a walking paradox. The girl is incredibly intelligent, but has no common sense whatsoever, though this is an obvious trait that she inherited from her genius parents who don't even check paperwork properly. She tends to have a holier than thou attitude in regards to her views on the world, but quickly puts down alternating views of other people.

Also, the romance is made up of all things bad. Granted, it's not a romance yet, but I know it's going to blossom into one and I can't take it! The love interest, Kian, is other-worldly beautiful yet has a thing for Edie, who describes herself as the type of ugly that cannot be fixed. He's also her stalker. Seriously, he knows all of these creepy things about her because he's been using special powers (that have an unknown origin to me because I don't care enough to find out) and she isn't worried at all! She jokes that him transporting her home using some weird form of teleportation would be creepy, but the fact that he knows some of her weird secrets that not many other people know doesn't make her hesitate?! Common sense, girl. You have none...as evidenced by the fact that you so willingly follow him away from your death because you figured even if he is a murderer, you were going to die anyway. I wanted to shake her and scream "just stop!"

The underlying message of this book frustrates me beyond belief because it pretty much equates success to being pretty. If you aren't pretty, you are nothing. You can get nowhere in the world. You are worthless and you don't deserve to have dreams. Edie absolutely despises the pretty people for bullying her and hurting her because prettiness also equates to cruelty and stupidity, yet her very first "wish" is to become pretty. It's so hard to take her seriously when she "feels" with such great conviction and forgets herself pages later. Her obsession with hating pretty people and pretty things goes as far as her destroying a yummy looking strawberry milkshake because it looks like it came right out of a food magazine and was too beautiful to look at and touch.

As for the plot of this book, I have no idea what it is. There's something about warring corporations with different factions, wishes like genies except this weird paranormal creatures are not genies. However, you can't mention fairies because then Kian will become enraged and who wants the pretty-boy-with-muscles-you-never-noticed-a-boy-could-have-before-because-you-refused-to-look-at-unattainable-men-before mad? Just another example of the backwards thinking in this book with a plot that is really confusing and nothing at all like the blurb.

All in all, this book was not for me. It has been getting a few favorable reviews, but with my currently limited reading time due to both my job and my internship, I am choosing not to continue on with a book that frustrated me so immensely before I got 10% into it. However, please be aware that this is my personal opinion and many people are loving it. Choose whether or not to read this book based off of your own reading tastes.


FTC Disclaimer: I received no compensation of any sort in exchange for my honest review.

The Broadway Review: Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Date Seen: May 25, 2014
Seating: Orchestra
Ticket Source: Gifted from Gillian
Rating: Two Gigantic Thumbs Up

Hedwig and the Angry Inch is a musical comedy that tells the story of a fictional rock 'n' roll band, fronted by Hedwig, a transgender woman and “internationally ignored song stylist” from East Berlin.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch won best revival of a musical at the 68th annual Tony Awards.
Lena Hall won the Tony for Best Supporting Actress for playing Yitzhak.
Neil Patrick Harris won the Tony for Best Leading Actor in a Musical by playing Hedwig.
Hedwig and the Angry Inch also won for best lighting design.
Tied with A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder for most Tonys won at the 68th Annual Tony Awards!

~*~Journey to the Tickets~*~

I was actually sitting in a Panera eating an early dinner with my friend, Tabitha. I was in NYC for the day to hang out with her and to plan our BEA schedules together. Out of nowhere, I get a call from Gillian about the ticket. Tabitha can attest to the fact that there was a lot of thank you's and screaming and general freaking out on my end...in the middle of a restaurant! haha I caused a huge scene because I was so shocked and excited, but whatever.

I ran to a friend's apartment to change into something a little more appropriate and then headed to the Broadway theater! This ticket fell into my lap maybe three hours before the show. It was completely unexpected, but I am forever grateful because this is actually my current favorite musical of the Broadway season.  I initially wasn't going to review it with what little time is remaining in the run, but with the limited time extension I had to throw this up to insist anyone see it if given the opportunity to do so.

~*~Lili's Reflections~*~

This show guys...this show. I don't even know what to say aside from the fact that you have to see this show! It was initially scheduled to end on August 17th, but because of its success they are expanding the run. Starting August 20th, there is a limited eight week extension of the show, except Andrew Rannells will be replacing Neil Patrick Harris as Hedwig. I don't know how I feel about this decision. While I enjoyed him in THE BOOK OF MORMON as the original Elder Price, I don't know if he can compare to NPH's powerhouse performance. He's an amazing singer, though, so it looks like I may have to rush the show to see it for a second time so I can compare the two! *starts putting plans in place with my Broadway buddies at college*

Making this show happen was no easy feat. The producers actually put the show on hold a few years because they were so determined to get NPH on board and they wanted to do it when he was available to perform after the conclusion of How I Met Your Mother. Neil Patrick Harris, at 41, lost some weight and learned how to walk in heels. And, boy, can he strut his stuff. Seriously, he can do some things in heels that a lot of women can't even do. The man is a force to be reckoned with. He commands the stage and embodies Hedwig so perfectly that he literally carries the entire show on his shoulders. And, let me tell you, he is Hedwig. The show is downright hilarious, but a lot of the hilarity is actually improv. Neil Patrick Harris even yells at the audience when phones go off...as Hedwig. He seriously never breaks character.

If you want to see some of the intensity that is this amazing rocker, check out his Tony performance below for the song Sugar Daddy.

I was actually a little surprised when they picked this song for the Tonys. While I loved it, there are two songs from the show that wowed me a little more: The Origin of Love and Wig In A Box. This song is actually one of the more over-sexed songs of the show. This is a woman who just wants to be loved, so there is definitely a sexually charged atmosphere at times, but I felt like it reached a high point during this song. And that audience interaction? Yeah, he really does that during the show. But on an unrelated note, that kiss at the end?! Him and David Burtka are so freaking adorable! I love them together. A relationship born on Broadway! <3

Aside from NPH, really the only speaking role in the show belongs to Lena Hall, playing his husband Yitzhak. Their relationship is actually hilarious. Where Hedwig is loud and overpowering, Yitzhak is shy and quiet, though extremely talented. As the only female cast member, she holds her own and delivers a powerful performance while she goes through her own self-discovery on stage. Definitely a worthy adversary for Hedwig.

And the rest of the cast is made of the band, Tits of Clay. However, in the show, they're known as The Angry Inch. These guys are also disgustingly talented and awesome. Together, all of these people put on a powerful show that tells the story of Hedwig, an awesome German rocker that is pursuing her dreams after a botched sex change operation left her with an angry inch. This show will take you places you would never expect. You can laugh so hard you will cry, you will cheer and triumph with the characters, and you'll be left screaming for more.

This insanely talented individuals that make up this cast will take you on the journey of a life-time through a rock concert with no intermission. The feat is truly extraordinary. If you ever find the chance to see this show, do it!

And now...I must go replay the soundtrack that has been on infinite repeat since it was released! Stalk it on youtube if you get the chance! So, so worth it.


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Review: Strange and Ever After by Susan Dennard

Series: Something Strange and Deadly #3
Publication Date: July 22, 2014
Publisher: HarperTeen
Reading Level: Young Adult
Pages: 400 (ARC)
Source: Borrowed
In the conclusion to the trilogy that Publishers Weekly called “a roaring—and addictive—gothic world,” Eleanor Fitt must control her growing power, face her feelings for Daniel, and confront the evil necromancer Marcus...all before it’s too late.

He took her brother, he took her mother, and now, Marcus has taken her good friend Jie. With more determination than ever to bring this sinister man to justice, Eleanor heads to the hot desert streets of nineteenth-century Egypt in hopes of ending this nightmare. But in addition to her increasingly tense relationships with Daniel, Joseph, and her demon, Oliver, Eleanor must also deal with her former friend, Allison, who has curiously entangled herself in Eleanor’s mission.

With the rising dead chomping at her every move and Jie’s life hanging in the balance, Eleanor is convinced that her black magic will see her through to the bitter end. But there will be a price. Though she and the Spirit Hunters have weathered every battle thus far, there will be consequences to suffer this time—the effects of which will be irreversible. And when it’s over, only some will be able to live a strange and ever after.

Susan Dennard will leave readers breathless and forever changed in the concluding pages of this riveting ride.
 ~*~Lili's Reflections~*~

Eleanor Fitt has lost everything important to her thanks to the evil necromancer, Marcus. She's out for revenge to and right all wrongs with whatever it takes, even growing her newfound scary powers that threaten her very existence because every usage of black magic causes her to lose a bit of herself. She travels to beautiful and enchanting Egypt in search of the infamous Old Man to find the answers she has so desperately seeked since book one. This all leads to the final showdown...the question is whether Eleanor can discover how to defeat Marcus before it's too late.

The world-building, as always, is phenomenal. One thing I have come to expect from Dennard is great detail when it comes to the exotic locations she chooses to set her stories in. When I found out that book three was in Egypt, I was doubly excited to read it because, hello, Egypt! Despite the final showdown and everyone trying not to get killed, I couldn't stop freaking out about the fact that I got to take a reader's vacation to Egypt thanks to Dennard's detailing skills.

The characterization in this book was very strong as well. Though deeply flawed, Eleanor continues to be a very strong heroine that is easy to respect. She is very independent--something super rare for her time--and she genuinely tries to protect everyone she cares about. I've never stopped loving her and it's bittersweet to see that her story (meaning this trilogy) has come to an end. And then, of course, there's Daniel. Pure of heart and super intelligent, I feel as if he is the only constant thing in Eleanor's life whether she likes it or not. He will never let her struggle by herself and will always be there to help her, no matter what the cost. I think this is one of the many reasons as to why he is among my favorite love interests. Daniel is the epitome of swoons, I'm telling you.

This book has even more action than any of the other books combined. The final battle can only be described as epic. Like any duel, there was triumphs and setbacks, angst and success. Nothing is ever simple or easy, but I think that Dennard highlighted every character's sacrifice to rid this world of evil so well. While the ending will be very polarizing, I understand why Dennard chose to end this series the way she did. It is not what I wanted and I'm disappointed in the ending in that sense, but overall this was a very satisfying conclusion to an amazing series and perhaps the only zombie series I will ever willingly read. Anything Dennard delivers us will be amazing. She's truly one of my favorite authors.

According to Dennard, I was the very first person to e-mail her and tell her that I completed this book. She told me of the emotional trauma writing this conclusion wrought on her. Ending a series is never easy, and to see that she struggled so much with making things perfect the way she felt the story played out was amazing. It shows how much this series means to her and how much she hopes we love it. I will continue to recommend this series to anyone who wants to read it, and if you haven't already started it yet now is the time to do so because book three is officially out! Totally worth the binge read, I promise! Just don't forget the tissues.

4 stars


Top Ten Characters I Would Want With Me On A Deserted Island

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish.
I actually loved putting together this list! I managed to find friends, hotties, and survival pros so that we can live in a bookish wonderland without ever suffering. Something tells me this "stranded on a deserted island" will turn into a "vacation of a lifetime with no bothersome people ever again" type situation. I did it by book/series because I needed more than one from some of the faves, you know?

In no particular order, the top 11 (maybe more) characters I would want with me on a deserted island...

1. Ismae, Duval, and Beast from the His Fair Assassins Trilogy by Robin LaFevers - I feel as if Ismae would be an amazing friend on top of her ability to kick butt. Duval is just Duval and Beast is there for endless laughs and protection.

2. Ruby from Body In The Woods by April Henry - I hated this book, but this girl knows everything. She must know how to survive and can tell us what foods are good to eat, etc.

3. Chaol and Caelena from the Throne of Glass Series - We need some hotness so that there's something fun to look at, on top of the fact that he's a great strategist and can work with the island. Caelena is kickass and good at everything, plus she loves books. So these two were easy picks.

4. Hector from the Fire & Thorns trilogy by Rae Carson - I want Hector for pretty much the same exact reasons I want Chaol.

5. Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling - Hello, magic! It can help us! A lot! Plus, she likes books! And I grew up idolizing her! All of the exclamation points!

6. Katsa from the Graceling Realm Series by Kristen Cashore - Girls got mad skills, don't even deny it.

7. Malachi from The Guards of the Shadowlands Series by Sarah Fine - His job is to fight beasts, so he can fight any beasts trying to kill us on the island and look hot while doing it. Plus, he's Jewish. ;)

8. Tarver from These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner - He knows a lot about survival because of his military training, so he'd be essential to surviving. And, hello, hotness!

9. Lainey, Bianca, and Micah from The Art of Lainey by Paula Stokes - If a girl is stranded on a desert island, she needs friends to help her through and these friends are awesome. Plus, Micah is a baker and we're just going to give him magical powers so he can bake us yummy food throughout our entire stay on said island. Yup. Logic.

10. Liesel from The Book Thief by Markus Zusak  - If I'm stranded for my entire life, I need someone to talk books with. And I don't just need her, but I need the combined force of both of our expansive libraries to keep me busy for eternity because if this were to ever happen to me, I would obviously be conveniently transporting every single book known to humanity on the plane with me.

11. Sand from The Castle Behind Thorns by Merrie Haskell - He has magical powers when it comes to fixing things. Need I say more?

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I am so excited to participate in my very first giveaway hop! I mean, look at that cute banner over there! I chose to participate in this hop because everyone needs some presents every now and then. ;)

Giveaway Rules:
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4. The winner has 48 hours to respond to my e-mail before I pick another winner.
5. The giveaway ends at midnight on the last day of the month!

One (1) winner will get a copy of a Dash & Lily's Book of Dares!

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Review: One Past Midnight by Jessica Shirvington

Publication Date: July 22, 2014
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Childrens
Reading Level: Young Adult
Pages: 352 (Hardcover)
Source: From Publisher For Review
Name of overseas edition of Between The Lives.

Above all else, though I try not to think about it, I know which life I prefer. And every night when I Cinderella myself from one life to the next a very small, but definite, piece of me dies. The hardest part is that nothing about my situation has ever changed. There is no loophole.

Until now, that is...

For as long as she can remember, Sabine has lived two lives. Every 24 hours she Shifts to her ′other′ life - a life where she is exactly the same, but absolutely everything else is different: different family, different friends, different social expectations. In one life she has a sister, in the other she does not. In one life she′s a straight-A student with the perfect boyfriend, in the other she′s considered a reckless delinquent. Nothing about her situation has ever changed, until the day when she discovers a glitch: the arm she breaks in one life is perfectly fine in the other.

With this new knowledge, Sabine begins a series of increasingly risky experiments which bring her dangerously close to the life she′s always wanted... But just what - and who - is she really risking?
~*~Lili's Reflections~*~

Previously published overseas under the title Between The Lives.

This book was great. While the analytical reader in me had a few issues, I have to say that I was addicted to the plot and the attention grabbing tone of this story. While such a thing requires throwing all questions out of the window (like why does Sabine experience alternate lives but nobody else does?), it's very easy to stand behind this strong heroine.

Sabine lives two very different lives. Every twenty-four hours, she wakes up in a different world and her previous world pauses, only for her to pick up exactly where it left off when she shifts the next day. Both of her worlds are extremely different, though both have their drawbacks. In one world, she's Harvard-bound and incredibly rich. While she doesn't have the best relationship with either of her older brothers, she has a strong relationship with her mother and great friends as well as a boyfriend that makes her the envy of the school because they are the epitome of the perfect couple...even if she can't bring herself to love him and not be repulsed by his attempted sexual advances after dating for two years. In her other life, she dresses like a delinquent and has only one real friend. Her little sister is her entire world and her parents are rather detached and emotionless because they're so focused on their financial struggles and the demanding life of managing a drug store. While her situation may not be pleasant in this life, there's a boy...and he may be THE boy. His very existence turns her entire world and future plans upside down.

There is a weird kind of love triangle in this one, but because this is about alternate lives, it's sold in a really unique form that I enjoyed. Sabine didn't bring herself to consider one guy until things were over with the other, though she was constantly thinking about whichever guy she wasn't with because she felt as if she was hurting him despite the fact that she never had two boyfriends. Even she admitted that having two boyfriends in her separate lives would be wrong. She shuddered at the thought of eventually having two families. Going through high school twice was a challenge within itself in her eyes. Back to the boys, though. It's incredibly clear from the beginning that one of these boys was meant to be with her and the other wasn't. The process of getting there was rather surprising at times, but I have to say that I'm really happy with the way this romantic sub-plot progressed. Both potential love interests were incredibly different, which causes readers to lean towards one or the other immediately.

With that in mind, I have two small issues with the plot progression of this book. The first is that I guessed the huge twist at the end almost immediately. While this diminished my reading experience slightly, it also made me super excited because it was something I desperately wanted to happen. I figured that such a minor detail had to have been important if emphasis was placed on it for seemingly no reason. Boy, was my hunch correct. My other issue was the fact that there was a small case of insta-love here. The declaration of love came rather quickly timeline wise. But when I sat down and thought about it, I realized these two characters had been put through the wringer together and if literary soul mates existed, these two would be a perfect example so I can't even find it in myself to be mad. Neither issue ruins the book for me when such a thing typically would, and I think that this can attest to the fact that the tone of this book is absolutely addicting even though I know this is a case where I liked the book a lot more than my analytical brain thinks I should have.

All in all, this is a book where you temporarily suspend reality to allow it to be real. However, if you do that, Shirvington is about to take you on a wild ride. It's hard to find anyone who would believe you when you say you live two alternate lives, but Sabine is such a strong heroine that I loved her story, how she handled herself, and her struggles. For someone with such an insane life, this is a girl that, in the end, can be respected. Part of me almost wishes this was a duology because I don't want to let her go just yet, but at the same time I understand why Shirvington chose to end it where she did.

This is the perfect book to read if you want something unique that makes you question fate.

4 stars


FTC Disclaimer: I received no compensation of any form in exchange for my honest review.