My Reflections

This blog is for me to post my own reflections on young adult novels and any other books that I wish to remember. My bookcase is beginning to overflow, and I find myself forgetting some prequels once the sequels come out, so this is my solution to avoid that! Also, I want to listen to others opinions on books and find other books to read! Please, please comment. I want to talk to you guys! All my book buddies have gone off to college and left me because I still have another year of high school to go.

My reviews will be for both older and newer books, anything I've read that I believe is worth remembering. In the summer, my blog will pick up, but for now, reviews will not be an everyday type thing. Have to finish junior year before I'm finally home free, y'know? However, I will be posting something everyday!

I won't be doing giveaways, I'm not that type of blog, nor do I get ahold of books early. I review them in my own time, when I read them, and when I can convince my parents to order a bucketload of them from amazon! lol

- Lili

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