Author Appreciation August

You can find the AAA launch post here.

As the hosts explain: Author Appreciation August (‘AAA’) is a month dedicated to showing authors we care and appreciate them. Without these amazing super-human beings dedicating their lives and careers—not to mention spare time—to their craft, we wouldn’t have all the books we treasure, obsess over, and fall in love with. Without them, there would be no Harry Potter, no Vampire Academy, and no Hunger Games. Quite simply: we’d live in a world without magic.

Throughout the month we’ll be speaking to your favorite authors about what writing means to them and what they appreciate, so you can appreciate them just a little bit more. Excited? There’s more! There are dozens of prizes to be won, so be sure to stop by, and remember: it’s all about sharing the love!
I think this is a wonderful idea. While we show our favorite authors how much we appreciate them, we can also enter giveaways to get their awesome books. I know that this post is coming late in the month, but it's not too late to show your favorite author how much they really mean to you!

I think this is my favorite event that I have come across in a long time.

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