Books Change Lives Update #1

For the original launch post and page, go here.

I wanted to thank everyone for helping out with BCL so far! As of 10/13/2012, we have 36 books donated! 29 of those books are currently in my possession and prepared to be given to these children! This charity event has done great in its first week and a half of existence and I can't wait for it to continue to grow.

Several bloggers have made donations that are on their way in the mail. Several other bloggers are still trying to figure out what they want to donate. And some authors even made donations!

I'd also like to thank any donators that send books to me for now on once they arrive in the mail, so every time I do a stat update post, I'll also mention name and blogs if I have them. On top of my own donations, four books came this week. So, I'd like to thank 

Anita Grace Howard

Anita donated four awesome young adult books to the cause and was the first outside donation to get books my way. 

With all that being said, this is going to be a relatively simple update post since we're still so early in the process. But I'm looking forward to more donations rolling in!

Thank you for your participation and if you have any questions, please check out the launch page linked above. (:

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