Jennifer and Lili's 100 Book Extravaganza!!!

As the title above clearly suggests, Jennifer and I are going to be having a 100 book extravaganza giveaway from November 1 - November 30. Why are we having this giveaway? Well, there’s many reasons. First of all, my 6 month blogoversary is November 20th, so this is my blogoversary giveaway. Secondly, we want to promote the book recycling program that we run together entitled ARCycling. We take ARCs and give them new homes. Thirdly, Jennifer is a book hoarder (that I love very dearly) so we need to clear some of her shelves. We combined our books, though Jennifer did donate many, and realized we have over 100 books to give away, hence the name.

But really, this giveaway has a ton of other names also including:

  • Lili's 6 Month Blogoversary Giveaway
  • ARCycling Awareness Giveaway
  • Jennifer Has Way Too Many Books Giveaway
Here’s how everything is going to go down...

We have 11 different prize packs for you, all ranging from 8 - 15 books. Each post will go up at 12:01 AM on their designated day this month and giveaways will end at midnight on November 30th. All giveaways are US only, except for one which is CA only. Some will have age requirements as well. Please pay attention to giveaway requirements so we can avoid disqualifying anyone. Some prizes will also have some personalizations. Many don't, but we will point out which ones do. But really, this is an opportunity to add a ton of books to your shelves, are personalizations really going to stop you?

The schedule is below. To see the actual books in each prize pack, you must check out their respective posts.

November 2: Middle-Grade Prize Pack 
November 3: Series Bundles Prize Pack - CANADA ONLY with 3 winners 
November 4: Chick Lit Prize Pack 
November 5: Big Subjects Prize Pack 
November 6: Fairies and Angels Prize Pack 
November 7: Luminosity Blog Tour with a Giveaway (Not part of extravaganza)
November 8: 18+ Prize Pack 
November 9: Male Prize Pack - male authors and MC’s 
November 10: Greta and the Goblin King Blog Tour with a Giveaway (Not part of extravaganza)
November 11: Contemporary Prize Pack 
November 12: Paranormal Prize Pack 
November 13: Randomized ARC Prize Pack - a little bit of everything to finish it all off

 We hope that everyone will enjoy our celebration kicking off tomorrow! 

The only required tasks will be to follow both myself and Jennifer because this is an ARCycling promotion giveaway.


  1. This sounds like so much fun! I will be back tomorrow. Also, I added the badge to my blog to help bring more attention to it!

    Konstanz Silverbow

  2. This sounds like so much fun! And happy early blogoversary Lili'

  3. I am a new follower thanks to Lady Reader's Bookshelf. Love the giveaways and as a blogger love the thought of ARCyling.

  4. Very awesome and generous event! Put the cute button on my blog :D I can't wait to check out ARCyling.