Paper Airplane: A Giveaway!

In this tumultuous, distinctive memoir, Kersten L. Kelly looks back on the most influential individuals that she encountered while flying through the clouds. Confined in a small vestibule for hours, Kelly identified an opportunity for learning and growth by chatting with the fellow passengers around her. After a few life changing conversations and unforgettable emergencies, she put the in-flight magazines to rest and never looked back. She recalls life lessons from perfect strangers about love, family, perseverance of dreams, and humility through a series of brief anecdotes all taking place on airplanes. Selfless philanthropy was discovered, long-term friendships bonded, and talents unveiled. The book proves the phrase “you never know what you will learn on an airplane” over and over again. Every chapter will capture the mind and sometimes the heart of anyone who jumps into this collection of humanity at its best. The personalities present in this book assimilate with the intrinsic characteristics all readers can relate to. With a raw authenticity stemming from old notes in a ragged journal, Kelly delivers a personal reflection of unique tales from a mile high.

So, when I was e-mailed with a request to host a giveaway for you guys, I got really excited. Not only is this a book that I find incredibly interesting, it's a genre that I tend to shy away from, though I am excited for this book nonetheless. I don't know about any of you, but I've had memorable experiences on airplanes. Some of which have been really coincidental. For instance, on my first flight to Italy, I sat next to a college student who lived in my current home before I moved into it. How did we figure this out? Our carry on luggage bags had the same address on it--he never changed his tag out of laziness. Weird, right? Either way, I think this is a book worth checking out! 

Giveaway Guidelines
1. Any age to enter
2. No cheating or you will be disqualified
3. Winner has 48 hours to respond or another will be chosen
4. One entry per household
5. E-book is open internationally, but signed copy is open to US only

Good luck!


  1. Hm I don't have any interesting experiences with airplanes but I do remember I had a really high fever during the 2nd time I got on one. Lol. Oooh I remember now, I was really little and my parents were on a plane with me and I told my dad how I would like to go and play on the clouds. He told me that it was possible, and I actually believed him and insisted him to go and jump out of the plane with me. x) Yeah.. I didn't know clouds were a form of gas.

    >> Little Book Star

  2. The only stories I have are embarrassing my trip to Dublin where I got air sick. Yuck!