Top Ten "Gateway" Books and Authors In My Reading Journey

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I'm formatting this a little differently because I had several books and people that were important when I first began reading and then a separate category for the books and people responsible for making me the reader I am today since I stupidly took a break somewhere in there.

~*~When I First Began Reading~*~

1. Dr. Seuss was the man that started my reading journey. I read The Cat in The Hat front cover to back cover in one sitting to my parents at the age of three. They have it on video. There was a lot of cheering involved and I can't help but laugh when I watch it.

2. The Junie B. Jones series was something that I gobbled up repeatedly. It was the first series I was ever territorial of and I had the entire series (that was out at the time) on my shelves until I got too old for them.

3. The Nancy Drew series was odd for me because prior to her I had never read anything other then contemporary and I was easily addicted. 

4. Shel Silverstein introduced me to other types of writing aside from a book. He contributed to my fascination of poetry at a young age.

5. Maniac MaGee by Jerry Spinelli was the book I would always turn to when I was in a reading slump. It never ceased to get me out of my moods.

~*~Books That Actually Made Me The Reader I Am Today~*~

1. The Twilight series was actually the first series I ever finished (even if it was by marathoning it to beat my sister).

2. Cassandra Clare was the first author I ever long-term committed to even though my taste has now changed. She made me realize that it really is possible to have an outright favorite.

3. Percy Jackson and the Olympians was the series that showed me waiting for the next book to come out is so worth it. Patience is a virtue that I did not have prior to reading these books.

4. Megan McCafferty helped me make the transition to mature reading.

5. The Kite Runner & The Book Theif transitioned me into reading worldwide and powerfully. They also helped me to analyze books in ways I normally wouldn't because of all of their deep, hidden meanings.

6. John Green...I never was willing to read a sad book until you came along. Now I realize that if you can elicit such emotion from me, you're probably a literary mastermind.

7. Tammara Webber & Cora Carmack made me realize that it's worth having faith in new adult. They introduced me to books I love to read when they're done right and, in my mind, are the pioneers of new adult done well.

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  1. YAY, another Dr. Seuss lover! I still read his books when I need a mad dash of inspiration. Also, I loved Nancy Drew back in the day. I have all of the hardcovers! And John Green is a genius. Cora Carmack makes me laugh and Twilight is pretty awesome (even if it's not).
    My TTT

  2. Nice list. I do love John Green. The Harry Potter books were totally my childhood. I always loved reading, but I think they just maximized the love.

  3. Great list! So happy to see another Nancy Drew reader, I'll admit that I've read them all. I also liked Dr. Seuss, but I'm kind of afraid to read a book by John Green, but I promise I will someday.My TTT