May Monthly Recap

~*~On The Blog~*~

Overall a very emotional month for me. It started off with finals and me saying good-bye to many friends I never thought I would meet that have legitimately changed my life and mean so much to me. In the middle I adjusted to being home and learning what it is like to have your independence temporarily stolen from you. And, well, it ended with BEA. What more could I ask for? Side note, because of BEA, the blog has been slightly inactive this month and that will change!

Books Reviewed:
One Man Guy by Michael Barakiva - 5 stars
What I Thought Was True by Huntley Fitzpatrick - 4 stars
The Castle Behind Thorns by Merrie Haskell - 4 stars
We Were Liars by E. Lockhart - 3.5 stars
Second Star by Alyssa B. Sheinmel - DNF

Books Reviewed on Tynga's Reviews:
Darkest Hour by Meg Cabot - 4 stars (book #4 in The Mediator series)

The Broadway Review:
  • I introduced this new feature here if you want to check it out! This feature is dependent upon audience interest, so please comment on any of the reviews if you still want me to keep it! At this point in time, I think I will be closing it down after June due to lack of audience interest and how long it takes me to put together these posts.
  • I got to see THE BOOK OF MORMON all because of a simple RT! Check out my journey to the tickets and why I am forcing everyone to go see this show here!
  • I spent my last weekend of freedom in NYC with my best friends, but I also decided to see a show I've been desperate to see because, hey, you gotta go out with a bang, right? OF MICE AND MEN was everything I hoped it would be and more. Definitely on par with THE GLASS MENAGERIE in regards to my favorite Broadway play, but I think it edges it out for the title of my favorite by just a little bit. Check out my review here.
  • Samantha Shannon, author of THE BONE SEASON, stopped by to tell us about her writing process and to promote her event at the 92Y that happened this month. She was also awesome enough to give away 3 copies of her debut here! Unfortunately, that giveaway has now ended.
  • I launched my blogoversary giveaway to celebrate my two years blogging! You can find six giveaways here!
Discussion Posts:
  • Not many discussion posts went up this month because of my transition to being in college to being back home, but I did manage to get a post up about good places to read if you ever visit NYC. You can find that here! Take note of this list for next year's BEA!
College Blogging 101 Posts: 
  • Rachel from Tiger Lily Rachel stopped by to talk about the importance of having fun while blogging. You have to enjoy the ride!
  • I took a moment to discuss roommates. This was a serious concern of mine entering college and, well, I didn't have the greatest roommate. But that's okay! I learned a lot and, honestly, no matter what kind of roommate you get you can make it through the year. Things will get better and you can go nowhere but up. Check out this post here!
  • Connie from Book Echoes also stopped by to talk about how blogging is beneficial to your career. Guys, this woman knows what she is talking about and it is seriously a huge career booster. Check out why here!
  • My second post of the month could not go up because of technical difficulties. So sorry for the inconvenience, guys! Some things are impossible to work temporary faulty Internet connections.
Discontinued Series:
  • I chose to stop posting "Broadway Review" posts. There has been no audience feedback for it and the posts are too time consuming, so I have to say goodbye...

~*~What I've Been Watching~*~

Broadway Shows:
  • Since I am discontinuing my Broadway Review series, this is where I can talk about the shows I have seen. Firstly, I was surprised with a ticket to Hedwig and The Angry Inch. Guys...this is my favorite show of the season. Neil Patrick Harris is absolute perfection. He simply is Hedwig, and Hedwig is the most beautiful rock goddess out there.
  • I saw THE BOOK OF MORMON and you can read my full thoughts on that show here.
  • I also saw OF MICE AND MEN and you can see my thoughts on that show here
  • Honestly, May was just an out of this park month show-wise.

  • Once Upon A Time has ended! My heart is broken! However, there was this huge twist in the last few seconds and it is making waves in the fandom. I think it's going to be absolutely amazing!
  • Survivor has also ended. I have to say that I'm not at all happy with who won. I hate his gameplay. It' sad to think that his win was all based on the poor (and clearly deluded) decision of a co-player.
  • The Challenge: Free Agents has been a religion for me and it's got just as much shenanigans and craziness as ever. I am definitely loving this season! Is anyone else happy that Jordan is out of the house? Ugh.
  • My college got us free tickets to see an advanced screening of THE NEIGHBORS featuring Zac Efron, Dave Franco, and Seth Rogen. It was absolutely hilarious and I would have seen it even if I had to pay. It was so hard not to go bursting onto the Internet with spoilers because I literally cried from laughing so hard at one point!
  • I did, however, pay to see THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2. Definitely very different from the first film, though I enjoyed it. I experienced an emotional roller coaster and I still don't know how to react fully to certain things. I can, however, say that Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield, and Dane Dehaan who plays Harry Osbourne completely knocked it out of the park. I am so excited for the third one. If Paul Giamatti's acting says anything about it, it's going to be abso-freaking-lutely amazing.
  • Moonrise Kingdom was my last movie night with my girls and holy crap, this movie is sheer perfection. I'm officially a Wes Anderson fangirl. Seriously, if you are a sucker for quirky love stories like I am, this is a must see!
  • I had to pack up my college dorm by myself. Packing and moving out is so much harder than moving in because moving in you have help and you're organized. I no longer had my strong Dad to move things around for me and make things easy. So, with the six hours it took me to fix up my life and empty my dorm room, I decided to watch American Hustle. And holy cow, is this movie a gem. I can't say anything aside from the fact that it is definitely worth a shot. Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence, Christian Bale, and Jeremy Renner seriously hit it out of the park.
Do you have a monthly recap or thoughts on anything I'm reading/reviewing/watching? Share your thoughts below! Every comment is greatly appreciated! <3


  1. Wonderful re-cap. Sorry that you will be ending Broadway Review :/ And again Happy 2years :)

    1. I'm not that sorry. If it's not garnering feedback, it's not happening, you know? Thanks!

  2. Ugh hate Jordan! I generally hate ppl who talk crap and can't back it up.

    1. Seriously though! Just ugh *barf fest*

  3. Moonrise Kingdom? Hmmm, not heard of that one. Have to check it out.