College Blogging 101: School's Out -- Now What? A Top Ten Summer Prep List!

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This week my dear friend Alyssa from The Eater of Books stopped by with a really awesome top ten list about what to do with your summer to prepare for blogging when school comes back around, but still have fun. This post is actually really adorable, guys! I love it!


It’s that time of the year – WE’RE FREE! 

Spring semester is finally over! WOOHOO! Summer is here for real – it’s time to party hard and soak up the sun! Or sleep all day and eat ice cream! Or travel to gorgeous European cities and make all of your friends extremely jealous by posting all the pictures on Instagram!
Unless you’re taking summer classes (why did I decide to do this to myself?!), or rocking a fabulous internship (work it, Lili!), or going on a two-month vacation (TAKE ME WITH YOU), then you’ve got the whole summer ahead of you. And you’ve probably already wondered, what can I do to help myself out in the future, in terms of my blog?
Well, fear not! I’ve put together a list of things you can do during the summer, to make things easier for yourself at the start of the fall semester. Ready? Here are my top ten blogging things to do over the summer:

10. Organize your books.

DON’T PANIC. I know it sounds daunting. But after a year of college, we’ve all accumulated a ton of books. Chances are, we probably have them everywhere, stacked haphazardly next to our beds, crammed into bookshelves, or still in mailing boxes. Take a little time to figure out what you’ve read, what you’re definitely going to read, what you don’t really want, what was sent for review, what was unsolicited, etc. It will be hard to part with any books, and it will be even harder to attempt to tackle the task of organizing your books, but it’s worth it. Don’t get buried!


9. Update your blog.

Update my blog? What does that mean, Alyssa? Well, update what you’ve been neglecting in the last few months. Add your recent (or not-so-recent) reviews to your review archive. Clean up your giveaways page and/or sidebar and post your current giveaways. Update your “About Me” page (if it needs to be updated). I’m not saying you need to redo your blog design or switch platforms or something – nope, just do small things, like what I mentioned! Yes? See, Jack Sparro understands!

8. Post reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes & Noble.

Perhaps you usually do this, at least with Goodreads, right? But maybe you’ve fallen behind? It’s totally okay! Take the time during summer to add any/all reviews to at least Goodreads, and Amazon and Barnes & Noble, hopefully! Daunting, yes, but it’s doable! You could post, say, five reviews on the three sites per day. That alone might take you ten minutes at the most. Totally doable!

7. Update your social media profiles.

So you use Twitter a lot, but you often forget about your blog’s Facebook page. Post something! Add a new cover photo! Clear out your Goodreads friend requests! For me personally, I use Pinterest to post covers of each book I read, and their review link. I usually remember to do this every day a review goes up, but sometimes I’ll forget for a week or more. Don’t let the social media overwhelm you! Updating your social media profiles is definitely a great way to show your readers/followers that you’re reaching out in different ways!

6. Chat on Twitter.

Speaking of social media… Twitter is (in my opinion) the easiest, fastest, and most direct way to connect with bloggers, authors, readers, and other people in the book blogosphere and beyond. I know for a fact that the amount of conversation I had during the school year decreased drastically. I’m not alone, right? *glances around* SO. Strike up conversations on Twitter! Reply/respond to tweets, ask questions, reconnect! It’s really fun, and people remember this, even when you’re MIA because of midterms.

5. Comment on blogs.

There is no time during the school year, right?! Trust me, from one college student to another, it’s okay. During the semester, I commented on a few friends’ blogs a couple times a week, if so much. During the summer, I’ve been commenting a lot more. Here’s the thing: you don’t have to write an essay for a comment. Two or three solid lines of (specific) opinion is more than enough! And the other thing – don’t feel like you have to comment on ALL OF THE BLOGS all at once. I recommend commenting on one friend’s blog and one “new” blog every day (or thereabout). That way, you’re discovering new blogs while maintaining your relationship with your friends/their blogs!

4. Schedule meme posts.

Meme posts are usually extremely easy to schedule. If you already know the subject of content, then you can schedule like, ten at a time. Take “Waiting on Wednesday”. I do mine in chronological order, so if I just scheduled a post that featured a December 2nd release, then my next featured book will be a December 9th release (or something like that). You can easily schedule like, two or three “Waiting on Wednesday” posts at a time. I think “Top Ten Tuesday” has a list of every week’s topics? So schedule ahead! You’ll feel so accomplished afterwards.

3. Draft some posts.

So you can’t schedule every post. Some posts, like reviews, require work before they can be scheduled to be published. So, draft the skeleton of the post! For a review, get all of the necessary information (cover, summary, links, etc.) and draft the posts – minus the review. For meme posts that can’t be scheduled, get the banner or button, the host’s website link, and any other information, to draft the post. You don’t actually have to have the meat of the post ready yet, just the skeleton!

2. Read.

Read while you make the daily commute (Baltimore traffic sucks, people). Read while you’re on a plane to that lovely European city (and post a picture of the book on Instagram, while you’re at it). Read while you’re lying on couch staring at the ceiling wondering what to do because not every day of the summer is going to be a blast. Reading is one of the best things you can do for your blog, your TBR lists, your review count, and your NetGalley feedback to approval ratio. Heaven forbid I have a ratio higher than 76.0% O_O


Don’t forget it’s the summer! Several months of blissfully long days, never-ending nights, sleep, and REAL FOOD. Yes, blogging and reading are very important. But so is relaxing, recuperating, and getting ready to do it all over again in the fall.

But not yet.


Thank you for stopping by, Alyssa. This post was so much fun! As always, comments are greatly appreciated! <3 

How are YOU taking advantage of your summer blog-wise?


  1. This post is awesome!!! I'm not a blogger but just loved the GIFs :D

  2. YAY IT LOOKS LOVELY! *cheers* Thank you so much for the opportunity, Lili! :)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    1. Thank you for being so awesome about WANTING to post, Alyssa! <3

  3. Fantastic post Alyssa! I don't have summer holidays but your idea of adding reviews to Amazon and B&N like 3 each day and the like, brilliant!

  4. Great post. And I think that all of us could use these tips. It's hard to keep up with everything - posts, commenting, social media, requesting books - and it's great to hear how other people do it. Thanks Alyssa :)
    And hi, Lili. Happy summer! Thanks so much for stopping by! Jen @ YA Romantics

    1. My hope is for the meme not to be limited to people entering college or those currently in it, but since that is the main purpose of it I have to include the college part, you know? I hope everyone would read the posts to learn though because I happen to think the subject content is rather interesting. ;)

      And of course I stopped by! I love your blog, Jen! <3

  5. Yay summer! Except I work in my university's library so I can never really get away. :/

    These are all great tips! I already do a couple of them but if you're not making review skeletons, you are MISSING OUT.

    1. I work in a library and I love it!

      Review skeletons are necessary for me to remember my immediate thoughts after finishing a book! People who don't do these are nuts!

  6. Great post, I love summer! I definitely agree with all of these, and really need to do a few of them. I always mean to add all of my reviews to Amazon and Barnes and Nobles, but sometimes (or most of the time), I just forget or think I'll do it later. Need to fix that now!
    I love being ahead on posts, it takes away a lot of stress. I also just got a Twitter account for my blog, and I'm debating a Facebook page!

    1. All very good steps in the right direction! And, in truth, I'm good with posting my reviews on Goodreads and Amazon, but I am really bad with posting my reviews on Barnes & Noble for some reason!

  7. There is so much I need to catch up on my review archive being a priority, but a lot of other housekeeping things as well. Summer has been so great! I think it makes going back to school 10 times harder because I love how relaxing summer is. I do have a job at a church daycare and I love it so that makes it hard to go back also. I do realize that I have to go back to college to make my dream of a teacher come true so alas it will happen. I'm nowhere near ready for this beautiful summer to end. These tips are awesome. My reading has improved so much since I came back home. Next school year I'm going to try to fit it in as much as possible.

    1. I'm the same way! I've already read more books this summer then I did throughout last school year! Granted, I was miserable last year. I already know I'll read more throughout this upcoming school year!