College Blogging 101: Social Media Can Affect Blogging

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Today, Rachael from Rachael Turns Pages has stopped by to discuss social media. At times, this can actually hinder our blogging and reading time because it is so easy to get distracted by something new. 


Hi I'm Rachael from Rachael Turns Pages. I'm here to talk about how social media effects our reading and blogging time. 

As college students, readers, and bloggers we all know we are busy people. It is hard to make time for everything that we want/need to accomplish in a day. Here's the thing most of us have facebook and a growing number have smart phones or in my case I have my ipod and and my iphone. All the time we spend on social media cuts out on our time to do things we want to do. 

I'm constantly checking facebook. Not that there is anything important on facebook, but it seems before I start doing anything I quickly check facebook. When I add up all the time I spend on facebook, I probably could have read quite a few pages or maybe wrote a book review or two. Cutting out facebook or lessening my time spent on facebook could add to me having a lot more time. 

Then there is my apps on my phone. Have you ever heard of a game called 2048? I know I have and I can easily waste a half an hour at a time on this addicting game. I just recently won and let me tell you, winning doesn't take away the addicting quality of this game. Instead of playing the game I could be reading or blogging. 

These distractions add up to take a lot of time away from school, reading, and blogging. People always say they don't have time to read, but I know if I added up all the time I waste I would have a lot of time for reading even while I'm at school. As many other bloggers have said before: time management is key. 


Thank you so much for stopping by, Rachael! I'm absolutely addicted to 2048 too and can lose up to an hour a day playing it. And don't even get me started on how much time I (happily) waste on Twitter. Social media is beloved, but also a time suck! Keeping yourself in check is definitely a way to help ensure a good reading schedule to keep up the blog! 

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