College Blogging 101: Why A Blog Got Me Through College

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Having a blog was probably one of my best decisions in regards to college. It gave me an outlet to express my thoughts, to rant if necessary, and to just get away from reality and do something. While I didn't post as often as I used to, it gave me something to do and served its purpose well.

Most importantly, it connected me to people with similar interests. Freshman year in college is hard. Heck, college in general is hard. I find that being surrounded by people that are inescapable because they live in the same building--friends, enemies, random people who may know more about you then you think, etc--can be frustrating. It's like there's no true privacy and time to be alone. Sometimes a girl just wants to lay in bed and not be part of the world for a bit. But it's hard to do that when there's constant noise outside of your door. You get mad, so you open your laptop and plug in your headphones while pulling up Nextflix or iTunes and escape reality.

But the awesome part about having a blog is that when you go to escape reality, you are finding a new group of friends with extremely similar interests. You find yourself in a niche in a community that you enjoy. It can be books, like it is for us, but it can be about anything. There are blogs for music, for feminism, for news, blogs used like diaries (just don't go to lengths like AWKWARD) and more. You will find people like you, and that's why a blog is so awesome. Whenever you log in and throw up a post, there will be people welcoming you.

However, this is the Internet, and one has to remember that. I recently had a conversation with my Dad, and it really struck home for me. Everyone who I meet here will forever be important to me. I owe a lot to many bloggers and they know who they are. When certain things happen to me, I find myself texting bloggers faster than some friends because it's nice to have a third party that isn't directly involved in the situation. It's nice to have these people you can go to for anything. It's nice to be able to trust a large group of people, but one must never allow blogging to control their life. This is an enjoyable escape, not a community meant for drama. If you find yourself getting caught up in drama, take a step back. This is your escape from drama, remember?

College is said to be some of the best times of your life. There have been both ups and downs for me, but I already know I am making insane memories. And I wouldn't have made them if I allowed blogging to control my life. I spent a lot of my freshman year rarely using Twitter. More often then not, I found out about huge community wide bits of drama about plagiarizing or naughty authors way after they happened by a random tweet on Twitter. In truth, I liked that. I liked being able to come on when I wanted to escape and knowing that my friends were there waiting for me, but I also had friends I talked to even when I was away from twitter because I had the means to do so. I focused on the friends I found that lived in the same building as me--the people that I wasn't mad lived in the same building, that is. ;)

I'm back in the community full-time, so to speak, because I don't have school and the pleasures of NYC at my fingertips right now. It's nice, but it's overwhelming. Relationships that wrought amazing laughs around last summer, the beginning of the school year, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and my journey to Israel are no longer around. This is an ever shifting community, after all. Unfortunately, that is part of life. The relationships you create here will be full of fangirling, laughter, and casual conversation with people you probably never would have met otherwise. But one thing remains the same through all things: I blog for share my thoughts, to focus on something else aside from school when it gets tough, to freak out about books because I love books, and to rant about life and books alike because I found a platform where I could. We all blog for ourselves, to find people like us, and to be happy. And if you're not happy, then you have to find a way to be happy. It's such a simple statement, yet I needed my Dad to remind me of that.

This blog is my way of being happy. In the beginning of this summer, I was unsure if this blog would outlast this season. I was struggling with insecurities because the transition to blogging all the time again after getting out of school was just scary. And after going to BEA and meeting some blogging friends that I was really excited to meet and talking to my Dad about my blog and everything it means to me in retrospect, I'm realizing that it's silly not to be happy after utilizing the platform that was largely responsible in getting me through the most chaotic year of my life--freshman year of college.

And I think that such a freeing feeling should be something that everyone should keep their mind open to. How much upkeep a blog requires is up to you, as the person who creates it. You can literally treat it as an online diary, share your opinions on something you love, review things. Anything. And the opportunity to escape reality and meet people all over the world with similar interests is so, so worth it. I don't think I would have survived freshman year if it weren't for my blog and the community that I'm now part of because of my blog. I think everyone should be able to experience the opportunity to find people like them. Don't let the unknown mock you. Create a blog of any kind to help keep your mind clear. You won't regret it. And, man, after you write out a long rant of something you really wanted to get off your chest, you will feel so much better. It's a freeing feeling to finally share your thoughts with the world.


  1. I definitely agree with what you said about texting blogger friends, because they're third parties that aren't directly involved in your more personal aspects of life. I definitely do the same. No llama drama for me either :D I so agree that blogging was a mechanism of escape during freshman year. And I'm quite sure it still will be next year and the next and the next, etc.

    Fantastic post, Lili! :)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  2. I took some time off blogging at the beginning of my freshman year and when I came back to it in November. It was such a great experience. I finally realized that I wanted to come back to blogging. That I missed sharing my opinions about books and the relationships that I had formed through blogging.