College Blogging 101: Let Your Mind Go

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This week, Jessica from the Crazy Red Pen stopped by to tell us how she has learned to balance blogging with college. The best possible way to do this? Let your mind go! Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by the blog today, Jessica! I totally agree with the post below. If you can't get a post up, you simply can't get a post up. You can't let blogging rule college or allow college to rule blogging. If you just be you, eventually things will balance out and you'll find a happy medium!


Balancing blogging with college? No problem. Or at least that’s what I naively thought going into college. I had been blogging all throughout high school and college didn’t seem like a big hurdle. How wrong I was.

College is different in so many ways from high school. There are random, spontaneous trips, and so many other things that pop out of no where. Despite all of that, I tried to stay on top of blogging. After all, I like to blog about things that make my life easier, whether it’s mobile apps orproductivity tips in general. So how did I fall so far?

I was blogging on weekends, occasionally skipping out on random spontaneous trips to make sure that I was staying on top of my schedule. However, what I forgot was that going into these blogging sessions, I didn’t plan all too well what I was going to be blogging about and I had lost a good part of my love for blogging. Since I was perpetually crunched for time, I was blogging about the same old things. It felt stale, much like the food that was in the fridge down the hall (Note: don’t put your food in shared fridges! Put it in your friend’s fridge if you have to.)

 I decided to stop forcing myself to blog. I like schedules, don’t get me wrong. They’re what makes me wake up in the morning but I was pushing myself for something that I had lost passion for. I knew that I didn’t dislike blogging enough to quit so I decided that I was going to stop stressing myself out. I went out. I agreed to 10pm coffee runs to Starbucks. I stayed up until 4am in the morning. It is college after all. I read random articles on the internet. I forwarded my magazine subscriptions to my dorm.

Those things were so therapeutic. I found inspiration in the strangest things—something someone said at midnight, an article that I read on the internet, a blurb in a fashion magazine and so much more. The thing is, let your mind go. I was limiting myself to my blog and the little space that it occupies in the book blog world but at the end of the day, it’s still a very, very small piece of the world. Let your mind go. Don’t be stressed out by trying to juggle blogging with college. There are so many new opportunities and experiences at college that will make you a better person and inspire you to blog. You may not be posting everyday but the posts that you do post will be new.

These days, I don’t stress that much about blogging. I try to post regularly but if it doesn’t happen, I’m okay. When I cared, I was pigeonholing myself, stressed because I couldn’t find an original idea to blog about and anxious because I was wasting time just thinking about what to post so I always blogged about what I knew and was familiar with. I was rehashing the same things over and over again. I was letting blogging tell me what to do, not the other way around.

Go to the museums. Say yes to the spontaneous trips to places (but probably say no to 2am trips to sketch downtown places). You might be taking time away from blogging but who knows? Maybe you’ll come back with a new, brilliant idea where you’ll be pouring words out. Isn’t that what we all aim for?


  1. Lovely post! I'm going off to college in the fall and have been so scared about how well I'll be able to keep up with my blog, especially since I just started it this summer. Your post was very reassuring. Classic cure for writer's block: go out and find inspiration! :D

  2. This is a great post and exactly the reason I have never had a blogging schedule. I schedule everything else in my life (well not so much right now since it is summer), but during the school year I schedule wake up times, shower times, eating times, class times, work out times, and bedtimes. Blogging and reading were something I wanted to be spontaneous about. I want to still love these hobbies at the end of the day. Even if I don't enjoy getting up early (that part of the schedule has to stay). Managing college and blogging is crazy, but it doesn't have to be.

  3. I totally agree that blogging, or any other activity should never be chore. It is summer now but after August I'll be resuming college so it is good to know that nothing is mandatory. I am the boss of me haha.