Review: False Future by Dan Krokos

Series: False Memory #3
Publication Date: August 19, 2014
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
Reading Level: Young Adult
Pages: 308 (Hardcover)
Source: From Publisher For Review
True Earth has returned during a massive snowstorm in Manhattan-and this time they have an army. Rhys, Noble, Sophia, and Peter know they don't stand a chance against the enemy without Miranda. And once they revive her, she's horrified to find her world in flames.

The enemy occupation is brutal, but the director promises to release her hold on the city if Mr. East is turned in, and Miranda and her team are determined to find him. With her grief over the losses she has suffered fueling her spirit, Miranda knows that this time the sacrifices have to be worth it.

Packed with suspense and deception, Dan Krokos brings Miranda's journey to a mind-bending conclusion as she risks losing everything in the fight for her future.
~*~Lili's Reflections~*~

After the insane ending that is book two, I was very worried about this conclusion. I had a hunch about what would happen, but one never knows with the craziness that is this bookish multiverse. However, I'm super happy to report that I'm beyond satisfied with this ending. It's just as crazy and twisted as the previous two books. It literally rips your heart out, stitches it back together, then stomps on it, yet somehow manages to leave you with a little bit of hope. Loaded with death, doom, and destruction, the final installment in the False Memory trilogy was a strong way to end one of the first sci-fi series I have ever finished.

The best thing about this book is the plot. Krokos is ruthless with his characters and I think it takes guts for an author to be that way. He tortures them just like he tortures the readers and he leads us on this insane journey full of twists and turns. Seriously, even the last ten pages had some shocking developments that had me sitting there freaking out because he threw another wrench into our hearts. Gah, this man knows how to keep you on your toes until the very last page. That's one thing I loved about this series. Its fast pacing makes it a quick read and a series that can easily be binged because while Krokos delights in ripping our hearts out, there's gotta be some type of redemption to follow.

His characterization is spot on, too. Every character in this, even the secondary characters, are distinct. They are not like anyone else in the story and they hold their own against the leads and the other secondary characters who temporarily take the spotlight. It endears you to so many of them, which makes certain circumstances all the more heartbreaking or meaningful. Yeah, there's a lot of death in this one if you haven't caught the hint yet. But that's okay because Krokos manages to pull it off and make it seem believable and necessary.

However, this book was not perfect. I had two issues with it. While the ultimate climax as a whole was huge, there's a certain life-altering part of it that just seemed...well...very anti-climatic in the grand scheme of things. Tapping away on a super computer of sorts just seems out of place when the fate of the world rests on your shoulders. Also, I was left with a ton of questions. The ending seemed a little rushed, partially because there were so many new developments in the last pages, but also because it didn't really give us all the answers we needed about the present day and True Earth. I want to know more because not all of my questions were answered. The ending as a whole was satisfactory, but there are a few plot lines that weren't properly tied up that are going to haunt me for a while. I almost wish there was an epilogue, and when I call for an epilogue you know there's something up. I typically hate epilogues!

All in all, this book was the type of ending that this series deserves. I stand by my original assertation about how this series is really good for new sci-fi readers who want a complicated world, a quick read, and plot twists galore. I'm very curious to see what Krokos produces next. While I'm sad to see this series go, I can honestly say that the ending did not disappoint.

4 stars


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  1. I have False Memory but haven't read it. It seems like this series has no where to go but hope. I'm happy you enjoyed it!

    Amber Elise @ Du Livre

    1. I would definitely break out that book soon!