Ch-Ch-Changes & Giveaway

Today...right my first day of my sophomore year of college. Sure, it's just syllabus day, but I am freaking out. Guys. I'm turning 20 this year! I can't stop questioning where my life has gone while I'm like "wooohooo!!! Goodbye teenager-dom!" I'm in a huge dorm room with two amazing roommates and I'm back in my concrete jungle that eats umbrellas like candy when it rains.

Obviously, I kept this blog alive during my freshman year of college just fine. That is not going to change, but due to extenuating circumstances there will be a few changes happening here at Lili's Reflections. And by that I mean that the blog isn't going to be as active as it is in the summer.

Extenuating circumstances, you may ask? Let me paint a picture for you. I have two full days of classes, two on campus jobs, and a 22 hour a week internship that I am so excited for I could scream and cry and dance around like a lunatic. Truth be told, I've already done that. I start at Bloomsbury in a week and my excitement is manifesting in random outbursts of IS IT TUESDAY YET!?!?! It's a bit scary that this is the cemented portion of my life...every week...for the next semester...

Yeah...if you're reading that correctly, I actually have a desk attendant shift until 2am every Tuesday for, like, 15 weeks. Time to put that battle face on and prepare to stalk Twitter at insane hours of the night for entertainment value. It isn't ideal, but I get to keep my work study and I know come Spring semester I'll be hugging my boss because I work study is saving my savings lately.

Plus, it'll force me to do my homework...haha

In other words, I'm going to be an extremely busy girl. Sleep will become a foreign concept and friendship will rule all and the world's just going to be great because I'm going to be having the time of my life at an amazing internship that I'm still shocked I got while I take my first ever publishing courses. Seriously, I am so thankful for this crazy jam-packed semester that still works out perfectly for my social life and infinite love for attending Broadway shows, but because of this the blog is going to change a little.

Not as many reviews will be posted. I spent the summer reading so I'm a bit of ahead, but I can't keep up with 9+ reviews a month anymore. I'll most likely be dropping back down to five-six a month. Also, I am dedicating SUNDAYS to be my discussion day. Previously, this was for college blogging 101 and while I enjoyed this meme a lot, I found that it wasn't giving me as much time to voice my own opinions on bookish related things because of reviews. Sundays will just be a discussion day for me for all things books and anything else I decide now.

No huge changes are occurring here in the long-run, but there's going to be a little less content until December rolls around. This tends to happen when many bloggers go back to school though, doesn't it? I want everyone that sticks with me to know that you guys are appreciated. Your comments seriously brighten up my day and I just want to squeeze everyone forever! honor of me actually making some money this semester and heading back to school, let's do a giveaway!


1. The prize is a copy of the amazing JACKABY by William Ritter & a copy of GHOST HOUSE by Alexandra Adornetto to one person.
2. This is a follower appreciation giveaway so you must be following me.
3. This is US only!
4. If you are caught cheating, I'll disqualify you from any and all future giveaways.
5. I reserve the right to change a winner once a winner is picked.
6. A winner has 24 hours to respond after winning or a new winner will be picked.

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Good luck! 


  1. My goodness! That is a *lot* of stuff going on. I seriously think you may be booked for more hours than there are in a week! Good luck with everything, and thanks so much for the awesome giveaway!

    Oh- and enjoy your last few teenage moments, I am going to sound ridiculously old, but you will miss them one day ;)

  2. That is a busy life. Special congrats on the internship with Bloomsbury, what a great opportunity. Have a wonderful year.

  3. Don't worry, once you get into a routine it would be as terrifying, but you will be busy! But look, you've got an internship so you're definitely in the right direction career wise!

    Good luck!

    Amber Elise @ Du Livre

  4. Eep, it looks like you'll be SUPER busy. I hope you'll have fun at your Bloomsbury internship (but let's be real, how can you NOT have fun?) and hopefully we can find time to meet up and just chat! (:

    Good luck with everything Lili! :D<3

  5. Oh wow, you are going to be one busy lady! But don't worry, I know you can do it. That's how my undergrad was. It was so busy but instead of two jobs and an internship, I had a job, volunteer work, and president of an honor society. It makes for an extremely busy time, but you can do it!!!!! Good luck lady!

  6. Wow super busy is an understatement... I wish you luck and sleep when you can :)

  7. Congrats on the awesome internship! Hopefully all the busyness will really pay off :). Good luck!

  8. Ah, college, I remember it well, because it was only two and a half years ago. You're going to be so busy. :( Congratulations on the internship though! I hope this year of college goes well for you. :)


  9. Lili, I don't know how you do it! That is one crazy schedule! And two jobs and an internship? Dang! But I am having so much second hand excitement for you right now because BLOOMSBURY!

    Side note: love the Star Trek and TVD gifs.

    Sad that you're retiring the College Blogging 101 meme, it's already helped me a lot. I have a feeling I'll keep looking back at old posts soon. I actually didn't take your advice about getting a boring campus job (Note: I REGRET IT SO MUCH!) and I'm working as a Barista, which is sucking all the time I could be reading! Note to self: Never doubt Lili's advice.