Lili Repellent: Classes You'll NEVER Find Me In

In honor of going back to school I thought it would be fun to do a personal post about classes you'll never find me in at my college...

1. Art History - Everyone I know that has ever taken one of these courses regretted it immediately. I have distinct memories of quizzing a friend for 3 straight weeks for her final and I am shaking just thinking about being on the other end of that ordeal.

2. Calculus - Yuck. Just yuck. Thank God I already got my math requirement out of the way and it WAS NOT this.

3. Chemistry/Biology/Physics - I took all of these in high school and I never want to take them again. Hello oceanography, astronomy, or geology for my future science course!

4. Fitness - My school actually offers basketball, volleyball, and yoga as one credit courses. Firstly, why would I ever do that to myself? I hated gym in high school. Secondly, if I wanted to take a yoga course I'd rather go to one of the many free classes around the city instead of having my parents pay a thousand dollars for this useless elective pass or fail (that's nearly impossible to fail unless you never show up) credit.

5. Computer Science/Intro to Computing - HTML is not my thing, nor will it ever be. I respect those who can do it, but Lili no comprende.

6. Womens and Gender Studies - I took one of these over the summer. While I totally respect feminists and support many feminist agendas, I felt like this class shoved feminism down my throat. It actually made me uncomfortable with how extreme the views were. I have friends who proudly refer to themselves as feminists (all the power to them) and when I told them about some of my assignments, they cringed for me. I am still shocked that I had to write a ten page paper on why it's wrong that it took so long to create a gender neutral E-Z Bake Oven. I repeat...TEN PAGES. I actually respect people with such a major, this is just not a major for me particularly.

7. Accounting - While I plan to take an intro to business course just to have such skills under my belt, I will be staying far, far away from accounting. My Aunt is an accountant and I know she loves her profession, but this is not something I ever see myself enjoying.

So, what about you? Do you have any classes that you'll avoid at all costs or any suggestions for me not to take because they'll sneak up on me and ruin my GPA? Something tells me a lot of people that hate math are going to pop up tonight.


  1. Calculus, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry were all required for my major, but I did continue and take MORE calculus plus Linear Algebra for fun. I'm good at math and love it. And my Population Ecology class ended up being an applied calculus class which was so much fun for me!

    My BFF did Art History as her minor. No, just, no. She is super into it like I am super into math and science, but I managed to avoid that.

    My university had some fun fitness classes, but I never got to take any of them. I did take yoga before I transferred and loved it, but my university only had "sunrise yoga" and there was no way I was going to be awake and on campus at 6AM. They had archery and bowling though. LoL

    But it looks like you have a good handle on what classes you know you don't want to take. Most of my college experience was science, science, science, since I was an Environmental Science major. I had to take Macro Economics though, which sucked. If you don't have to take that, DON'T! Micro wasn't too bad though, but I took it as an online course, so maybe that's why?

    1. I'm good at math but hate it. All the power to you, you nut! ;) <3 I say that with love. Everyone can like what they like, but if you like math then I'm allowed to think you're slightly insane. ;)

      THANK YOU! It's gross.

      Archery and bowling! lmao that sounds so awesome. What even.

      I love online courses <3 For me, at least, they're always a little easier than the real thing.

  2. A lot of those are classes that I would never, ever, ever want to take. I've heard the same things about Art History, but considering I want to be a graphic designer and go to an art college I'm guessing I'll probably end up taking it to fulfill a requirement. I just dropped Precalc this years as a junior in HS, thinking that it was the only choice of class I could take until I found out about AP Stats. Unfortunately since I would be switching in late it wouldn't fit in my schedule so I have to take it senior year. As for the sciences, I LOVE them! But yeah, everything else on your list I hope I NEVER have to take! :)

    -Em @ Books & Cleverness

    1. Pre-Calc is actually totally manageable! Aside from the trig parts, which are understandable if you wrack your brain for a while, a lot of it stems from basic algebra. I took it my senior year of high school because we had four years of math required and because of that I didn't have to take it in college. Instead I took a class called Math For Poets to fulfill my math requirement. Got an A ;) haha

  3. My university forced everyone to take modules that were unrelated to our own majors. This meant taking social science, science & technology, and business courses. No way around it. It was terrible because I dreaded math and science with a passion. I barely scraped through math at A Levels and almost failed biology, physics and chemistry in tenth grade. Thankfully I didn't have to take those sciences at A Levels. But in uni I plagued my way through astronomy and chemistry. *shudders*

    There were sports modules too because of the sports science & management major but sadly I wasn't able to take any. A lot of students at my uni bid for those to pull up grades because athletes weren't graded on a different scale from non-athletes. Kinda unfair but non-athletes usually did sports to reduce their studying loads, then opted to take them as pass/fail modules.

    1. My university recommends doing such things, but doesn't force us. They force public speaking and intro to computing and things like that--things that would hopefully be helpful in the real world. However we do have these things called AOKs and that's where they get you. There's 5 diff categories and you need to take 2 classes that qualify in each, so there's your history classes and occasional business class and weird English class that even English majors don't want to take.

      Is astronomy bad?! I was thinking of taking that as my science. That or geology or oceanography.

      WE JUST GOT THAT MAJOR THIS YEAR AT MY SCHOOL! Weird coincidence, I think. haha

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    1. Oops!

      My freshman bestie/roommate took Art History for a semester. I don't really know why because she was a neurology major. Anyway I don't think she slept, I went to one of her study groups and it was INTENSE.

      I don't do math. In any forms. When I was a sophomore, my advisor told me that I should take Logic since it wasn't math heavy. WORST CLASS OF MY LIFE. I would SO rather do any kind of math over Logic, because NOTHING made sense. Ugh, it hurts to think about.

      Amber Elise @ Du Livre

    2. One of my best friends is an art history major and it scares me. I think the only reason it works for her is because she's interested in museum curating so she has a mind for things like that. But I think you need to be a very specific type of person to pull it off.

      LOGIC IS TERRIBLE. Ugh I should have that on my list. Philosophy courses in general are just bleck. I know they can be super useful, but I had the head of my school's philosophy department welcome me to school my first semester and I will go out of my way to never encounter him again. He's got a few screws loose, I think.

  5. I wish I could just pick what I wanted to do. In the Netherlands your entire major is set. No changing courses. Which means I have to put up with things I really dislike :(

  6. I have to agree with just about every class you listed. Unfortunately, my 5 in AP Calc won't get me credit at my college, so I'm peeved. Also, my college requires a Women and Gender studies class (women's college, yo!), but I've heard great things about the classes offered. Your class sounds like a nightmare experience -- 10 pages on gender-neutral Easy Bake Ovens?? That's insane! I feel for you.