Transferring Reviews from Tynga's Reviews

Back in August I left Team Tynga's Reviews. The girls there are marvelous and I have absolutely adored them for the almost two years I was with them. However, with my internship and my two jobs on top of classes, I knew it would be a struggle to simply keep up my own blog, let alone contributing to theirs as well. So I left, granted rather guiltily. They waved me off with smiles and best wishes and made me feel like I was making the best decision for me, which definitely made things easier and reminded me how much I love those ladies.

But now that my blogging future is questionable because of my busy schedule, I realized a few things. I realized that even when I stop blogging since this blog is not self-hosted it's still going to be here. And because Tynga's Reviews is self-hosted, if the lovely T decides to stop paying for her blog, all my reviews will be gone. So I'm going to start to transfer my two years worth of reviews from there to here, with her permission of course.

This is so that they can be stored on my blog and not disappear, so all my thoughts can be in a single place. This makes me really happy, just knowing that there's an opportunity that everything can be together and I'm lucky that T understands what I'm trying to do with this review transfer. Technically speaking, all reviews written for her blog are meant for her to control and she didn't have to do such a thing, but she's an angel.

If you see an abundance of reviews coming up soon, this is probably why! There will be no lack of reviews for a bit, that's for sure. This also leaves me breathing a sigh of relief because there's less pressure on me as a blogger.

This post serves to give you some background information on what's going on so nobody thinks there's any plagiarism going on. I've been granted permission to do this and all content in the reviews was initially written by me anyway.

Yay for more common postings!

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