Comic Con Day One Recap: Thursday

I started off my first day at Comic Con by waiting in line with my good friend, Jackie, for the Disney panel. This panel was advertised as a discussion with the cast/directors of the upcoming Disney movie BIG HERO SIX releasing in November and some new knowledge about TOMORROWLAND, the secret under-wraps project for 2015 starring Hugh Laurie and George Clooney.

This is me and Jackie once we got inside the panel and were waiting for it to start. I look like a ghost! D:
This panel was absolutely hilarious. The cast of BIG HERO SIX had me dying. They showed several clips from the movie and I was flipping out. Trust me, Jackie can attest to this. Just watch this trailer and behold the awesomeness for yourself. I mean, it's coming from the creators of WRECK-IT RALPH, TANGLED, and FROZEN so it has to be good. But it's made doubly good by the fact that it relates most to WRECK-IT RALPH in the super entertaining but really meaningful kind of way. The extended trailer is all the way at the bottom of the post!

Basically, the plot of this movie is that the main character, Hiro, is a thirteen year old genius. He lives in the future in a city called San Fransokyo which, you guessed it, is a combination of a high-tech San Francisco and Tokyo. His older brother, Tadashi, is in college designing Baymax, the marshmallow-looking robot that is there to be a nurse. Unfortunately, he passes away (Lion King similarity!) and Hiro is forced to figure out who he really is. In the process, an evil guy in a mask begins to steal previous inventions and use them to destroy the city and only Hiro, his genius friends, and Baymax can stop him if they break out their secret inner super-hero and save the world. I know this description sucked, just trust me that it's as awesome as I am saying it is.

Also, did I mention it's hilarious? 'Cause it is seriously hilarious.

Next, the stars of TOMORROWLAND came out to talk to us. It was really cool because this movie is so under wraps. The only thing we really know is the cast, though we don't know who is good or evil. We also know that two scenes were filmed in Disney World and that the plot itself was taken from the ride, Tomorrowland. Essentially, the main character picks up this special pin and is transported to another dimension. I can't say much else because it is so under wraps and they were extremely vague (in the most awesome of ways) and didn't reveal anything clearly. What I can say is that the one scene they showed us was awesome. There was a house rigged to kill robots and a bathtub that served as a getaway space-pod. Yup. You read that correctly.

Seeing Hugh Laurie at Comic Con was really cool because we all know he typically doesn't do things like this. Then again, Disney can pretty much convince anyone to do anything. And then, out of nowhere, George Clooney came out! I was less than fifty feet away from George freaking Clooney. Let me tell you, he is glorious in person and absolutely hilarious and he probably has a slightly frustrated new wife since he technically spent his honeymoon at Comic Con. WHO CARES?! The fans loved it!

My cousin works for George Clooney's tequila company and I can promise you there was a lot of screaming on my part when I got home because he knew George would be there and he didn't tell me! Ugh. And the entire time he doesn't see any sense in my predicament and is just sitting there like:

After the panels, attendees got some cool swag like a pin that resembles the pin in TOMORROWLAND, an excerpt of the TOMORROWLAND book that Disney is going to sell alongside the movie's release, and I got some cool signed posters by the actors in BIG HERO SIX and the two producers of TOMORROWLAND.

I can't get this one not to be sideways! My laptop is still being frustrating, sorry guys!

I then spent the next several hours running around and exploring the publishing booths with Jackie, Jon, Kelly, and occasionally Grace. Naturally, I picked up some books.

  • Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard-This was the highlight of the day. Jackie's friend did the Harper Spin-n-Win and won it for me!
  • The Cemetery Boys by Heather Brewer- This is what I won on the Spin-n-Win! I was vair vair happy.
  • The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black- Thank you Little Brown!
  • The Walled City by Ryan Graudin- Little Brown gave me this when they realized I am a book blogger. Thank you!
  • Seeker by Arwen Elys Dayton- This was the big comic con title for Random House!
  • Scripted by Maya Rock- This was part of a group other signing/drop.
  • Blythewood and Ravencliffe by Carol Goodman- I'm very curious about these! Thanks for the awesome signing, Penguin! Also, the title of book two makes me think of Harry Potter for some unknown reason, so that's cool.
  • The League of Beastly Dreadfuls by Holly Grant- This looks like such a cute middle-grade. Random House seemed to be pushing the mg this year, but I'm not complaining! ;)
Stay tuned and be sure to read my three upcoming recap posts because I will be giving a few books away on the blog at the end. (: I nabbed more than I thought I would and simply don't have room for all of them in my dorm room.

After running around to grab some books, I went to my first book related panel entitled How to Survive in a Dystopian World. The authors on this panel were absolutely hilarious. It consisted of Alex London, James Dashner, Maya Rock, Pierce Brown you are so good-looking!, Rachel Cohn, Margaret Stohl, Joshua David Bellin, and it was narrated by Scott Westerfeld. It very quickly became apparent that Margaret Stohl had no filter and Alex London would always speak his mind. You can imagine the shenanigans that ensued. And the best part of it was that I got to meet my sister's favorite author. James Dashner is such a huge sweetheart. I hung out at this panel with Jon and we both had a blast!

However, I have yet to explain the coolest part of the evening. At the aforementioned Disney panel where there was roughly three thousand people, they hid about 125 white wristbands in peoples goodie bags. This wristband got you into an advanced screening of BIG HERO SIX. Unfortunately, I did not get a wristband. Fortunately for me, I met these two awesome people named David and Melanie who did and since they're allowed to take two people, they invited me along so that the ability to take people didn't go to waste. People at Comic Con are so nice, guys. I just met them in line and talked to them for an hour and then they offered me this ticket and I could have cried tears of joy and excitement if such a combination was a thing.

David and I went to the screening at seven. They took away our phones and everything. This was really serious and super amazing all at once. It was a collective "Sh** just got real moment" when they started patting us down and taking away all of our technology. The movie was hilarious, the score was awesome (then again, anything featuring a Fall Out Boy song is), and I did have to break out the tissues at one point. This is one of those movies with a comedy style meant for today's youth, myself included. And this is a movie that I can already tell is going to be universally loved. After the screening I met Ryan Potter who voices Hiro, the main character in the movie. This guy is so cute! I, on the other hand, am a huge sweaty mess after this entire day, but I wouldn't have changed a damn thing about it.

Then I got back to my dorm at 12:30 and passed out, prepared for day two and super hyped to continue to experience my first ever Comic Con. Now, as my way to force you to see BIG HERO SIX in theaters when it releases in November (I know that I am!), here is the first trailer released for the movie. Click below to truly meet Baymax, aka your new best friend.

And here is the exclusive FALL OUT BOY song, Immortals, written solely for the movie. It's pretty kickass and it'll make you HAVE to see the movie. The scene that it plays was literally perfect, and that's not just the superfan that has loved this band since DEAD ON ARRIVAL in me.

And here Stay tuned for my recap of day two, Friday. In other words...the day with the ONCE UPON A TIME panel and lots and lots of books! (:

As always, your comments are super appreciated! Have any of you been to comic con? Does anyone have thoughts on BIG HERO SIX? Do you have any thoughts on my post? Comment below!


  1. Oh this looks like it was so much fun! I heard that NYCC had record attendance next year, hopefully that means even more publishers and guest star appearances!

    The Disney panel sounds totally awesome! I heard bits of it from a Disney podcast I subscribe too, I'm super excited for Big Hero 6! I still haven't watched the teaser trailer for Tomorrowland (The Tomorrowland movie in my mind is still Meet the Robinsons!)

    Great books!

    Amber Elise @Du Livre

    1. It didn't feel like it had record attendance any day aside from Sunday. Sunday is family/kids day so it was super overwhelmed. Saturday it was crowded, but it wasn't nearly as bad as BookCon so I was all for it.

      The panel was so amazing. Every time I mentioned BIG HERO SIX to someone at school they had no idea what it was, which broke my heart a little. TOMORROWLAND is the complete opposite of MEET THE ROBINSONS, let me tell you!

      Thanks for stopping by (:

    2. The kids at your school are lame then, LAME. BHS is all I've been talking about ( be fair Disney is all I ever talk about).

      Egad! I'm going to have to watch this trailer then!

      Pssst! Weren't they supposed to make a Frontierland movie too? Is that like, never happening now?

      Amber Elise @Du Livre

    3. Haha I know right?

      You have to! I don't think they've officially released a trailet yet though.

      I don't know! I mean TOMORROWLAND is filmed so that one is definitely happening, but they got the idea from the success of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise based off of the ride. I can't imagine many people being as interested in a Frontierland movie as they would be TOMORROWLAND or POTC

    4. Yeah it sounds like it would just be a Western, and I think the 3 Caballeros have got that covered! God I hope the new POTC is good, I was a bit disappointed by the last one.

    5. Nothing is better than the first one if you ask me. Well, really the first few were amazing for diff reasons but recent films should have just never been made. There comes a time to say goodbye to a successful franchise before you exhaust it and make it simmer out instead of going out with the bang it deserves. This is one of those times.

  2. I'm so psyched for Big Hero 6! And look at all the pretty books you got. :)