Computer Updates D:

Hey guys!

If you've noticed, I haven't posted anything in the month of October. The fact that I have to acknowledge this sad fact is making me cringe. Seriously. There's two reasons behind this:

1. I came home for the first time since being at college to celebrate Yom Kippur for twenty four hours, meaning no technology for those twenty four hours and then fun times with the fam for the last day I have home.

2. My computer is currently dead. Yeah, you heard me. Apple is working its magic and will undoubtedly bring it back, but until that happens, the blog is going to be a little quiet. If things keep going well, I'll be back to blogging by Tuesday.

I just wanted you guys to know I'm not dead. It's just my laptop, which sort of equates to blogging death, but hey,  blogging revival is occurring as we speak.

Hang tight! I'll be back soon with awesome NYCC info and more reviews <3

Miss you guys.



  1. Good luck with getting your computer all fixed! Apple is usually really good with things like that so I'm sure you'll be back in business in no time! ;)

    Emily @ Books & Cleverness

    1. Apple did help! It just took a few different sessions to get it perfect. At this point, the only thing I am missing is Microsoft Office which we are working on getting back without having to pay. *fingers crossed*

  2. That were only a few days, don't worry ^-^ I found you because your little banner in your sidebar (Caravan) and your blog title is soo much more creative than mine xD The books you read sound like they are something for me too, that's why I'm looking forward for your following posts *-*

    PS: I hope you'll understand me and my sentences don't have too many mistakes, that would be soo embarassing *hide* You have to know I'm German (okay not really, I'm Vietnamese, but live in Germany, you understand? xD) and it's a bit strange to write in English, when your not in English class or I don't know America, England whatever. But a few months ago I began to read very much in English and of course the German Bloggers don't write so much about English Books like the English do (sorry but I don't really know how to call every country, where the people speak English as first language, in one name, do you know it)? :D So I began last week or something like that to look for good blogs, but my battery is going to die, I have to stop writing this comment and if you don't have something against my bad English, your posts will get some more comments by me in the future :p

    Bye Bye (what do you guys use to say goodbye? I'dont have a hunch xD)

    1. Hello May!

      I ADORE super long comments like this. They make my day! A lot of my readers are from non-native English speaking countries, so I always find it cool when you speak to us. Because they teach English in your schools at a younger age, it seems to be easier for European countries to pick up English than it is for us Americans to pick up one of your languages as fast. I can read fluently in Italian and even speak it, but when it comes to writing it I am totally stumped, so I say all the power to you! I look forward to talking to you and seeing you around the blog more!

      P.S. I really like that you like my name! hehe <3 I do love that it's one of a kind. I wanted something totally unique.