My Bookshelf Calms Me Down When I'm Emotional

So, I have a confession...when I'm emotional, my bookshelf always calms me down. Really, I go to my dad or my friends, but when I'm so upset or distraught or outright angry that I need to be alone and not talk to anyone, I turn to my bookshelves. Something about organizing the books is just good for the soul, you know? It's therapeutic.

And no, I don't talk to them, though you may catch me petting the occasional pretty or two. ;)

I find myself ripping all my books from my shelves and reorganizing. Now, I have four individual deep bookshelves at my Mom's house and 3 legitimate floor to ceiling bookcases at my Dad's house. This is a lot of reorganizing, but I do it every time, and the way I reorganize tends to reflect my mood.

When everything is falling apart and I don't know what to do, I tend to organize my shelves by book size. I do it so I can fit as many books on each shelf as possible while still being able to read the spines and keeping a series together. No regard to alphabetical order, spine color, the author's other books, or the format of the book. It's all about making space. And because I'm the lunatic who put this unorganized mess together, only I can find the books and my sister will temporarily stop stealing my pretties.

When I am upset, I tend to organize by author's last name with ARCs mixed in. I think I do this because I need to be able to control something when I find that I can't do anything else. I need some semblance of order in my momentarily chaotic life and I feel bad leaving the ARCs left out because really, who wants to be left out? I'm sympathetic to inanimate objects when I'm upset, obviously.

When I am mad, I tend to organize by color. There's something pretty about rainbows, guys. They cheer you up. Then the series nut in me gets doubly mad that many spines in a series don't allow you to keep a full series together, but by then I worked out all my emotions and I deal with fixing the bookcase again later.

And, then, of course, I have the way I organize my shelves when I'm sane and looking for something to do with my hands on a rainy day. I organize my shelves alphabetically by author's last name and within that author's last name by the series name or book title if I have more then one ones and/or stand-alone from that author. ARCs get their own section and own organization unless they are part of a series that I have not yet replaced with a finished copy, then they get to hang with their bookish brethren. Most of the time you will find my shelves organized this way...

...Except they'll have a lot of random books piled along the edges. These random books are the books that I most recently read and 1) wanted easily reachable so that I could pick them up when writing my reviews if I had to reference something and 2) if my shelves are looking pretty, then I'm gonna have to mess them up again to find a way to deal with my emotions. If they're pretty with a few rough patches, then I have something to do when I need to take my mind off things. I can move around my shelves to shove those 10 - 20 new books in where they belong and work out my pent up emotions while I get a legitimate work out. Because let me tell you, the quickest I was ever able to reorganize my shelves was a solid hour, and that was over 2 years ago before I started blogging.

It's really rare that I find myself doing a full reconstruction of my shelves. I typically leave small bits and pieces to add in here and there, but I would say that I fully re-do my shelves about 4-5 times a year, though they always end up alphabetical by author's last name with ARCs getting their own section plus a few new reads strewn haphazardly here and there so that I can linger on my bookshelves instead of allowing my mind to wander the next time some stupid little thing has me silently fuming again.

I think even my Dad has caught on to this weird little habit of mine because whenever he can sense something is wrong, he always conveniently mentions how my bookshelves in my room, on the other side of the apartment from his room are in desperate need of organization. Dad's just get things, don't they?

Does anyone else find that they do something similar? If not, how do YOU organize your shelves? I've got so many books that my shelves are beginning to bow, so I'm sending some into the attic, but maybe it's time to freshen up the shelves and introduce the pretties to new neighbors, eh?


  1. Haha, I don't really like it to organize my bookshelf, because I always need soo much time, but don't have the time. The last time I organized them by color, but I'm still not content. I don't know, but some of my books are so special. I mean I can't put a red book in the shelf with white ones, can I? Then I have to put this books with the others, which have also loud colors, because they don't fit in any shelves. So this shelf looks teribble because so many colors, urg.
    But do you have a bookshelf tour on youtube or photos of your bookshelves? I loooove to look at other bookshelves and discover new books I've never heard before *-* (I had so many books, which I want to read after I began to watch bookshelf tours on yt xD)

    1. It's super time consuming, I agree, but it is so calming for me!

  2. I love organizing my bookshelf as well:D I don't do it often, but it is fun when I do. It many shows me how many unread books are on my shelf:P