Novella Review: Until Midnight by Melissa Landers

Series: Alienated #1.5
Publication Date: December 23, 2014
Publisher: Disney Hyperion
Reading Level: Young Adult
Pages: 112 (iBooks)
Source: Bought for Free
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Cara and Aelyx only have one day to spend together before he returns to earth and she travels to Aelyx's home planet, L'eihr. Homesick and worried about the upcoming year apart, Cara is desperate to make these final hours count. Worst of all, Cara is missing Christmas, stuck on board an alien spaceship. When Aelyx learns that Cara is forgoing her favorite holiday, he tries to recreate Christmas in space by researching traditional earth customs…but a few things get lost in translation.

Coming December 23rd, this FREE short story will include multi-chapter excerpts of both ALIENATED and the sequel, INVADED.
~*~Lili's Reflections~*~

Before I begin, I have to say that this cover is gorgeous. I wish that this was a physical novella and not just an e-novella because I could pet that cover for days. Dang, is it pretty!

This book takes place after book one, ALIENATED, ends and before book two, INVADED, begins. It is the perfect way to curb your appetite for book two since it still doesn't come out until the beginning of February. However, with that in mind, please don't read it until after you complete book one because despite its short length there are major spoilers. Also worth noting, you shouldn't continue on with this review without reading book one because there will be spoilers here as well.

Cara is heading to L'eihr alongside her brother, Troy, as the next part of this foreign exchange program after the craziness that ensued in book two, but before the ship leaves she has twenty four hours to spend with Aelyx. She's already missing him and she's beginning to get slightly homesick. It doesn't help that this will be her first Christmas off Earth. Aelyx picks up on her frustrations and decides to give her a Christmas in space. After extensive googling--we all know this is what he is good at!--he breaks out his best smile and gets to work. Only it seems he may have looked up weird European traditions because everything he's doing for Cara is a bit out of the ordinary. The black army socks as stockings was a cute touch, though.

As usual, Landers brings the hilarity with Aelyx's inability to fully understand human ways. One of my favorite gems:
He backed away and told her to dream of speculums. She assumed he meant sugarplums.
Gosh, I laugh every time I think about it. And our favorite Christmas blunder made an appearance in this one, too, with a mispelled Santa joke as well. Never gets old. Anyway, this is a great novella to get you into the holiday spirit and it's hilarious take on Christmas will certainly be appreciated by readers.

Despite its short length it also does a solid job at bridging the gap between books one and two. It hints at a lot of what is to come in book two, though I am sensing someone trying to come between Aelyx and Cara and I'm not liking that. With all of this in mind, I have to say this is one of my preferred novellas because it put a smile on my face and had me laughing out loud. If you like sexy aliens and hilarity, this is a series for you! Pick up book one and then experience the greatness that is this (thankfully!) free novella.

Also, it helps that there's a teaser of book two in the back! Enjoy!

4 stars



  1. I love this series!!!! This novella was beyond adorable. The mix ups were the best part!!!!

  2. I adored this novella as well--and the teaser in the back got me DYING for book two! I think Aelyx is just the cutest thing ever (you know, in a manly way of course!). My laughter probably had more next door dorm neighbor thinking I was crazy!

  3. Melissa's one-liners are incredible. She writes funny romance SO well. That why I'm totally with you and I'd love for her to write a full novel about the world in her Fifty First Times short story!