I Will Be Back Tuesday!

Hello guys and gals,

Just a very quick check-in to say that my blog will be inactive until Tuesday. Don't think I forgot about all of you! Think of this as an unintentional but necessary hiatus. I have a midterm at 6pm on Monday night that is 40% of my grade for one of the final classes that works towards one of my minors and it's very important to me to pass it, so creating content just isn't a thing I can manage right now until I put together my next TTT immediately upon surviving that class!

Earlier this week I was informed that I am among the top 100 scholars at my university for the year of 2014. So...top 100 out of roughly 9,000 undergrads. That is unreal. I am so beyond proud of myself, and excited for my future, and eager to accept this award and recognition in April, but knowing that piece of information I want to consciously try to win this honor again for 2015. School does come first, after all? With the amount of money an education costs these days, you bet everything you've got that I am going to continue taking it seriously. Also because I'm a #nerd and I embrace it.

The move, unpacking, and this cray cray midterm have been taking over my life. But something tells me I'll come out on top. ;) I'm already 100% happier now that I have moved, so there's nowhere to go but up!

I look forward to actually being able to post again and interact with all of you. I miss my book people. :( But I'll be back in less than 48 hours!

Bye! <3