Hello everyone!

The blog may be slightly inactive for the next 5 or so days because I will be attending BEA! I'm really excited because this will most likely be my last BEA.

Think about year it is in Chicago, which will be a little too costly for me to attend. And the year after at, wherever it will be, may not be a thing for me because I will have received my undergraduate diploma and I will have walked at graduation about a week before BEA. In other words, in an ideal scenario, I'll have a job and life would be pretty snazzy.

With all of this in mind, I'll still be active on twitter, especially at night, and I have a whole slew of posts planned for my return to reality once the craziness that is BEA subsides.

If any of you see this post are also going to BEA, please say hello to me! Just scream LILI across the floor and I'll scream back and we can be two crazies screaming on the floor together. It'll be rad. Just you wait and see.

Post-BEA, I am hoping to share a lot of my treasures with you! I am having trouble finding homes for a lot of my ARCs, so I give them away after they are read to other bloggers or even donate them to my old high school. Keep an eye out for such giveaways because, hey, we all deserve to take part in the bookish fun someway somehow!

Catch ya on the flip side!

Without, you know, driving a car through your window or anything, that is.


  1. I am still trying to get my agenda together for BEA, but I will be attending BEA as well as Book Con, although I'm not so sure about Book Con this year.
    Tammy @ Bo's Book Nook.

  2. Eeeeek!! Have a fantastic time!! I wish I could go this year, but sadly, life just said no. Lol. Have a great trip with lots of fun!!

  3. Ah, LILI!!! I had no idea you were attending BEA. I feel like I'm finding all these bloggers that are attending last minute. I will be there Thursday and Friday, so hopefully I can run into you (though not literally).


  4. Love this post, love you, love the pictures I've been seeing of you. By this i mean the ones you take and also the publicity ones I see of you.Don't think I missed you at the Bloomsbury party! Glad you seem to have had such a good time. We'll talk soon but hooray for another epic year for you in NYC/BEA