Let's Talk About It: There are certain words that bug me

In the throes of finals studying, I was hanging out in my library minding my own business when I stumbled across a word in my textbook that so did not belong. That word is acquiesces.

Acquiesce [verb] defined as "to accept something reluctantly but without protest."

So, I don't know if I necessarily hate this word because it is used a lot in regards to women bowing to patriarchal power throughout history, or just because it's plain old weird. Its spelling, the way it sounds when I say it out loud, it just bothers me. It totally halted my studying process enough because I was just like, "ew...acquiesces!"

As a lover of words, I embrace all words out there, even the weird ones that aren't so often used like "acquiesce," but that does not mean I sit there sometimes scratching my head. Then again, weirdness can be found in nearly anything if you look hard enough, right?

So, I have added a new word to the list of words I just can't stand for one reason or another.

  1. Moist (yuck!)
  2. Ointment (double yuck!)
  3. Acquiesce (*wrinkles nose*)
So, what I'm wondering is do you have any words that really bother you? Words that just gross you out or they're just so awkward you stop what you're doing and sit there with an invisible question mark floating above your head?

I'm curious! Let me know in the comments below!

I told one of my English major friends about this moment and it sparked a discussion about words that make us twitch despite our love for words in general. I am curious what other words are out there that, to some people, are cringe-worthy!


  1. I think everyone hates moist. I have not met one person who is pro-moist, but I have had enough people rage on about it. I hate Beloved. It is just so overused. It's gotten to the point that if I see it on a book summary or blurb, I will not read the book. Sometimes I think about words and all of the sudden a word that is a common, everyday word will sound weird to me. Then I obsess over it for awhile. My hubby hates Portion. I did not know that about him.

    Tammy @ Bo's Book Nook

    1. Portion...what an interesting word to hate. In the YA world beloved is definitely overused, so I totally understand where you are coming from with that one. Thank you for the comment!

  2. "Moist" makes me cringe. Another word I hate is "hunk". I also despise when people do the screaming meow noise, like "reaaarrrrrr" and immitate the claws. Seriously?! I will walk away from the convo or put down the book if I encounter that one. lol

    1. Bahahahaha oh my gosh that cat noise one. I can honestly say I haven't heard that.

      But hunk is an interesting one! I don't mind hunk when it's used like "I just grabbed a hunk of cheese" but I hate it when hunk and hunky are used to describe men. That bothers me!

  3. Not a fan of 'moist' unless it's used to describe food - and it should be used sparingly even then! I really don't like the word greasy, or how a lot of people tend to say it. It's a weird peeve. I can't think of any others at the moment, but I love thinking about words, so great post!

    1. Greasy...I never thought of that one. Typically such a word is associated with unappetizing things unless you want a nice greasy slice of pizza, so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised with that one.

      Thanks for stopping by!