Pre-BEA and BEA Day 1 Recap: The day I waited in line for 6.5 hours

Ahhh! This past BEA was my third time attending and this, by far, was the best BEA I have ever had. I was surrounded by amazing peoples, an awesome floor squad that conquered this convention, and an atmosphere that screamed nothing but love for books. In other words...a book lover's heaven.

Pre-BEA Adventures

Best roommates ever!
I arrived in New York City after being home from school for a week on Tuesday. It was so good to be back! I met up with one of my roommates, Ashleigh, as we anxiously awaited our other roommate, Bekka's arrival. When the three of us were reunited, you would best believe there was running and screaming at Penn Station baggage check. I couldn't have imagined a better BEA if these 2 girls were not by my side, and I love them to pieces.

Once we were all settled, we decided to hit up Mitali's Teen Author Carnival. The first panel we went to was called "Hulk Smash of Emotions" featuring, Elizabeth Eulberg, Adam Silvera, Katie McGarry, Kody Keplinger, Jesse Andrews, and Tiffany Schmidt. This panel was so freaking hilarious I cannot even tell you. Elizabeth Eulberg lights up a room, Adam Silvera is the easiest author to pick on apparently (if he could be any literary character he would be The Giving Tree), Jesse Andrews reminds me of a "bro" the way he had the crowd laughing with inappropriate jokes, and Katie McGarry even made me cry when talking about her newest release, Nowhere But Here.

I then went to another panel featuring Susan Dennard, Virginia Boecker, Alexander London, Alex Bracken, Melissa Gray, and Jennifer L. Armentrout. This panel also had me dying because the amount of awesomeness standing up there was ridiculous. By the way, if you were wondering, Susan Dennard would be Prince Zuko if she could be any fictional character and, damn, that was a great choice. I love him! 

Andi and I!
At TAC, I was also fortunate enough to reunite with Marieke Nijkamp, author of This is Where it Ends. I met Marieke last year at BEA and we have been friends since, so it was nice to meet her and get an ARC of her debut novel signed by my dear author friend! Ahhhh! <3

After TAC, I was part of the rooftop shenanigans hang out. Some bloggers were selected to hang with publicists and each other on this beautiful rooftop above NYC. There was yummy food, wine, amazing goodie bags, and lots of laughs. One of the best parts of this party was finally meet Andi of Andi's ABCs! I love this girl, and it was so amazing that I got to meet her before BEA even officially began!

Below are my favorite books from my goodie bags that night! I went back to my hotel room and hung out with my roommates and shared the pretties, so all in all an amazing day!
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BEA Day 1

My room were the crazies that woke up at 6am to be the first ones in line on the first day at BEA even though the floor didn't open until 1pm. We got there by 6:30am because we all needed to guarantee that Truthwitch by Susan Dennard would be in our lives. If this gorgeous cover isn't enough to entice you to waiting in line for almost seven hours isn't enough for this book, than just look up its crazy awesome synopsis or even peek at Susan Dennard's Twitter. She is the sweetest person ever, and I will forever read anything she writes.
Ashleigh, Dana, me, Bekka, Nicole

The morning crew was in good spirits and once our squad assembled and we all got our badges, it was a great day. Together, we all conquered. Our group was myself, Bekka, Ashleigh, Dana from DanaSquare, Nicole from The Quiet Concert, and Montana from The Book Belles. All of us (minus Montana because she flew in that morning and had to get settled at her hotel!) had to commemorate our dedication with a picture and we realized that black and pink are the way to be.

Once we were let in, we speed walked to Macmillan to get our Truthwitch tickets and we all got one! I got the first one, actually. Technically number four, but the three people before me were volunteers that were allowed on the floor before everyone else. It was a crazy stampede for these tickets, but I am so beyond happy that I got one. Susan Dennard gave me the best message in a book ever. This message put a huge smile on my face, and made me so thankful to have an author friend in Susan.

After getting our tickets, Wednesday was a really planned out day for me. It was a lot of drops minus Susan's signing that I returned to two hours later, but I just kind of bounced around from booth to booth to discover where they were and also to grab a few of my most wanted galleys. Nicole and I teamed up for the day, and I'm very happy to call her my partner in crime!

Food porn of my dinner that night totally necessary.
Though we were only on the floor for four hours, this day tuckered me out. I was not expecting to get as many book as I did, so I didn't bring a suitcase and my shoulders were feeling it at the end of the day! I had permanent tote strap marks on my shoulders for a solid week after BEA because of Wednesday, but I would not change it for the world! After heading back to the hotel, Bekka, Ashleigh, and I decided to grab some food and then spent the night planning Thursday while we talked and caught up. I love these girls whether we are laughing our asses off or having some really serious, important conversations, and I can't wait for us to be reunited one day.

Check out this awesome haul from day one! The books I was most excited to acquire: Truthwitch, Illuminae, Court of Fives, Tonight the Streets are Ours, Wolf by Wolf, Everything Everything, Dumplin', and Vengeance Road.
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Have you read any of these? Some of them are already released! If not, what are the books that catch your eye as must reads? I want to know which should be immediate reads on my TBR!

I also want to take a moment to give some shout outs to some of the people I was most excited to meet or see again today! I am typically so bad at taking pictures, but I will happily take a picture with any of these amazing people!

Susan Dennard!!! AHHHH!!!!

I was so excited to reunite with Hannah of The Irish Banana and to meet Andye of Reading Teen!

Summer of Blue Sky Shelf!

My Summer of Series partner in crime, Danielle of Love At First Page! (I was so excited to meet you!!!!)
Also, Dana and I are famous for taking ugly selfies whenever we are together, and I think this gem is our best one yet!

Sorry I had to send ya'll off with this one!


  1. Love this post! Look at all those pretty books - you definitely need to read Storm Siren + Siren's Fury and Play On! And I just read Newt's Emerald and thought it was adorable. <3
    Look at us two, so adorable. :D

    1. We are so adorable!!! <3 And any of your recommendations are must reads for me!

  2. Replies
    1. I was so excited to finally meet you!!!! <3

  3. Love it!!!!! So good seeing you, Lili! And I'm so glad you came to the rooftop party! <3

  4. It was so so good hanging out with you at BEA! I LOVE that you guys started the line, that we had to *not run* to Macmillan to get our golden tickets and then proceeded to sweep the floor! Wouldn't have been the same without you! xx