The Last Ever After Blog Tour & Giveaway!

I am beyond excited to kick off The School for Good and Evil blog tour because this series is full of 3 things that I love: fairytales, middle-grade shenanigans, and epic characterizations. Before we look at the awesome interview Soman did with me and Harper's even awesomer (yep, I had to go there!) giveaway, let's take a look at book 3, which releases tomorrow!

In the epic conclusion to Soman Chainani’s New York Times bestselling series, The School for Good and Evil, everything old is new again as Sophie and Agatha fight the past as well as the present to find the perfect end to their story.

As A World Without Princes closed, the end was written and former best friends Sophie and Agatha went their separate ways. Agatha was whisked back to Gavaldon with Tedros and Sophie stayed behind with the beautiful young School Master.

But as they settle into their new lives, their story begs to be re-written, and this time, theirs isn’t the only one. With the girls apart, Evil has taken over and the villains of the past have come back to change their tales and turn the world of Good and Evil upside down.

Readers around the world are eagerly awaiting the third book in The School for Good and Evil series, The Last Ever After. This extraordinary conclusion delivers more action, adventure, laughter, romance and fairy tale twists and turns than you could ever dream of!

Hi Soman! I am so excited to have you on the blog! If you could live in any fairytale for 24 hours, which would it be and why?
Any fairy tale with a grand ball at its end. I love formal parties and dressing up and I’d be the first one with glitter in my hair on the dance floor. So yes, throw me into any fairy tale with a good party. 

Speaking of fairytales, I first picked up your series because I LOVE fairytales. So what is your favorite fairytale? 
There’s something so sinister about Hansel and Gretel, isn’t there? It just feels so real. You have a sister protecting her oafish brother from a witch determined to eat the both of them. In real-time, Gretel has to figure out how to save her brother and outsmart a witch. There’s no one to help her. It all comes down to cleverness and wit. To me, that’s a real fairy tale: a true survival guide to life.

How did you come up with the idea to have a school for the good and evil?
 I’m not sure where the idea came from, other than I really wanted to write my own fairy tale that wasn’t just a rehash of old stories. I wanted to tell a new kind of fairy tale we’d never seen before. So that led me to the idea of new characters in a new class at a school. 

You have a movie version of the series in the works right now with Universal Pictures. What was your reaction when you heard the news?! 
I was in an airport, so I had a glass of champagne at an airport bar. It was definitely a thrill and it’s been a fantastic process being deeply involved in the making of the movie.

You have a knack for writing really interesting good and evil characters, so what would you say is your process for creating such complex and layered characters? 
You have to feel your way through the characters. You can’t just write from your head. If you write cerebrally, it’s going to feel very, very flat. You have to be able to dig in and actually believe you’re in the world. So that’s my secret: I live in the Endless Woods while I write. My friends will tell you I’m not much fun when I’m in the throes of the book, because I’m just not here on earth during that whole period. 

How does it feel to have your insanely awesome debut series coming to an end?
 It’s sad. I love these characters, but it won’t be the end of the SGE universe forever. The movies are coming and I’ll continue to work on expanding the universe. But it’s also a relief to be able to have a balanced life again. Writing Book 3 was very, very intense.

Can you share anything about your upcoming projects? I have to know what is next! 
There’ll be a companion to SGE coming out in Summer 2016, which we’ll announce soon. And then I’ll start work on a new series… more on that soon as well. Stay tuned to for all news about SGE and non-SGE related projects.

And for the most important question of all...chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry ice cream?
None, because I’m lactose intolerant. I love ice cream so much, but I can’t eat it. Excuse me while I go bury my head in the toilet and cry over this sad question. Can someone invent non-dairy ice cream that tastes as good as real ice cream? Please? 
(Lili: I feel so bad! I'll get right on that invention!)


Harper is giving away 3 complete sets of The School for Good and Evil trilogy! This giveaway is US only.

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Don't forget to check out Reading Teen tomorrow for an awesome guest post celebrating book 3's release!


  1. This looks like it would be such a fun series for my daughter!

    1. It totally would be! Good luck!

  2. I keep selling copies of this at the bookshop that I work at; it looks SO intriguing. I have been wanting to get all of the books in the series once the third one comes out, and this is the perfect opportunity! Thank you!

    1. The premise is most definitely intriuging. Good luck with the giveaway!

  3. I read the first book, but I need to get going on the rest of the series! And I agree there is something about Hansel and Gretel!

    1. Right? When he said that I was just like YES! HANSEL AND GRETEL WAS SUCH A GOOD CHOICE! Soman: master of fairytales.

  4. I'm so excited for the third book!

  5. The covers are very beautiful! I would really love to read this series!

  6. I've got this on TBR list. It keeps growing, but I can read really fast, and I always fall asleep, at night, with a book.

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