Summer of Series: August Challenge Goals & Link Ups!

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The July recap for Summer of Series is coming a little late for 2 reasons...Firstly, Lili’s laptop decided to die in July and it gave her a heart attack. Really. Danielle has all of the tear-filled texts to prove it. But with the introduction of baby Jonah into her life two days ago, we’re back up and running! Secondly, because of the laptop mama drama, getting our series done was a bit of a push for us because life got in the way! But we both succeeded! YES!
Now, onto the good stuff!

We can’t wait to see what series everyone reads in August! Don’t forget that you can still sign up for Summer of Series by adding your name and link here.


For those of you who were official participants in July, link up your proof of reading your series in the rafflecopter below. This could be mentioning it in a monthly recap, a series review, three separate reviews, your Goodreads notifications, etc. Proof that three books were read! Then go ahead and add your extra entries.

For example:
In the month of July, Lili read the UNDER THE NEVER SKY trilogy, so she automatically gets a point for that. She also read THE HEART OF BETRAYAL, second book in Mary E. Pearson’s Remnant Chronicles, so she gets an extra entry for that. That's a total of two entries.

This month’s international prize is two signed paperbacks of Cress by Marissa Meyer. Marissa wanted to participate in Summer of Series and celebrate the amazing Lunar Chronicles with everyone, but couldn’t take an interview due to deadlines, so instead she’s helping us cheer all of our participants on! This is only for people who have completed their July series!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
As the hosts of this event, we also have to finish out strong in the Month of August! Check out what we will be reading!

August Challenge Goals

For the month of July, Lili is going to read 3 of Miranda Kenneally’s books. She loves this series of companions with all of her heart and BREATHE, ANNIE, BREATHE is among her favorites ever, so it’s about time she finishes up these companions and meets all of Miranda’s swoony love interests.

For the last month of Summer of Series (*sad face*), Danielle will be reading Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor. She is absolutely terrified because these books are monstrously huge and filled with lots of heartbreak (so she hears). Wish her luck!

~*~Check out this month's line up!~*~
*Please note that the last week of the Summer of Series goes off schedule because we had so many wonderful authors that wanted to participate.

Saturday, August 1st
Lili’s Reflections: Ellie Marney
Love at First Page: Lauren Layne

Thursday, August 6th
Lili’s Reflections: CJ Redwine
Love at First Page: Cora Carmack

Saturday, August 8th
Lili’s Reflections: Stacey Kade
Love at First Page: Noelle August

Thursday, August 13th
Lili’s Reflections: K.B. Ritchie
Love at First Page: Lindsay Smith

Saturday, August 15th
Lili’s Reflections: Heather Demetrios
Love at First Page: Amy Nichols

Thursday, August 20th
Lili’s Reflections: Jessica Spotswood
Love at First Page: Fran Wilde

Saturday, August 22nd
Lili’s Reflections: Heidi Schulz
Love at First Page: Jessie Evans

Thursday, August 27th
Lili’s Reflections: Sarah Raasch
Love at First Page: Sandra Waugh

Saturday, August 29th
Lili’s Reflections: Melissa Landers
Love at First Page: Lynne Matson

Sunday, August 30th
Lili’s Reflections: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Love at First Page: Sherry Thomas

*Remember, you do not have to link up to the challenge to enter these giveaways, but you have a greater chance to win if you do so! Simply posting about Summer of Series on your blog and adding that to the Linky qualifies you for these extra entries, as does actually signing up for the event. Completing the monthly challenge is required only to qualify for our end of the month round-up giveaways for a book of your choosing.

If you’ve linked up already, you do not have to do so again! For first-timers, remember to link up directly to your post, not just your blog! We are still taking new participants since we have one more month to knock out a series! This is not where you link up your series reviews; that’s done above using the Rafflecopter.

And that’s all we have for you! Good luck with your series this month!

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