Summer of Series: Heather Demetrios Interview

I am so excited to have Heather Demetrios on the blog today!

The Lexie Project
second in the Something Real series
Published June 8, 2015
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Lexie Baker is ready for her close up and nobody’s gonna get in her freaking way.

Nearly a year after graduating high school and taking a hiatus from her family’s reality TV show, "Baker's Dozen: Fresh Batch," Lexie is in Los Angeles, on a mission to take Hollywood by storm. From red carpet premiers to helping her YouTube star roommate film weird videos, Lex fits right in with the droves of girls just as hungry as she is for some screen time. When Jax Wilson, a young, hot producer, offers to launch The Lexie Project, a reality show that will chronicle Lex’s adventures trying to make it as an actress in LA, she jumps at the chance. It isn’t an Oscar-winning role, but it’s a start.

Then she meets Liam, a film student who brings books to parties and is one of her twin brother’s closest friends. When it becomes clear that her brother, Benny, has a serious drinking problem—one that lands him on the front page of tabloids and threatens to get him kicked out of his university—Lexie relies on Liam to help her protect her brother. But spending time with Liam throws Lex into a spiral of self doubt: is this the life she really wants? And how far will she go for the stardom she’s always longed for?

The City of Angels soon becomes Hell on Earth and Lexie realizes that everyone—even Liam—has something they’re hiding. Fed up with Hollywood, Lexie decides she needs to find a new role to play–not the one she was cast in at birth.

The Lexie Project is a spin-off of the critically acclaimed novelized memoir, Something Real, by Heather Demetrios and features several of the major characters from the novel, including Chloe and Patrick.

You can read on Wattpad (The Lexie Project) or on Lexie's Website (
What has been your favorite part of writing The Lexie Project?
I love not knowing what’s going to happen next. I’m writing by the seat of my pants and incorporating current events, allowing them to influence the direction of the story. I also have SO. Much. Fun. managing Lexie’s social media accounts. I post a new chapter every Wednesday and post social media stuff throughout each week, so it’s pretty intense.

Did you always plan for Something Real to have a companion novel? How did it take shape in your mind?
I always had the idea for Lexie, but it wasn’t until I discovered Wattpad and got the idea to tell the story through multiple social media platforms that I really got excited about it. This is how Lexie, a young reality star, would want to tell her story. It’s all about instant gratification and real time.
What inspired you to write this series?

I’ve always been disturbed by reality TV in general and seeing kids on the shows. Lexie, and her companion novel Something Real, are about what happens behind the scenes. We all know reality TV isn’t real – but how NOT real? And what does it do to the people on it?

With book two for The Dark Caravan Cycle, Blood Passage, releasing in early March, can you tell us anything about it?
It’s very different from Lexie! I’m really proud of it, I’ll say that. And it takes place in Morocco, which is pretty much one of the coolest countries you could ever go to. I was terrified to write the second book of the trilogy, but it worked out and my characters took me to lots of interesting and unexpected places.

What is the most interesting thing you have Googled in the name of research?
How to have sex with a prosthetic leg. I know! But I had to research it for I’ll Meet You There.

What is one series you would recommend to readers?
I love Stephanie Perkins’ Anna, Lola, Isla. You can’t go wrong. Those books are my comfort food and happy place.
(Lili: I think they are everyone's happy place!)

Thor, Iron Man, or Captain America? GO!
THOR. All the way Thor. Oh my god.

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