My Current Obsession (4): Reality TV

I have a confession, I much prefer binge-watching television shows, which is why I created this feature to begin with. I mostly use it to talk about my current binges on Netflix, but I haven't committed to binging anything at the moment with midterms looming on the horizons. Luckily, that is about to change.

But, while I am still waiting for that to change, I want to talk about my current obsession which is always reality TV. It seems that nearly every season, I've got some type of reality TV show on my radar that I watch religiously. The Fall always consists of Survivor and The Amazing Race. It also consists of Once Upon A Time, but that's not what this post is about for me.


I can't tell you the exact season I picked up Survivor, but I have watched it religiously ever since. My Dad isn't much of a TV person, but my mom and sister are really into this show, and my aunt on my Dad's side of the family indulges, too. I never get sick of Survivor because the cast of characters is always so unique and intense! I either LOVE them or HATE them. There is never an in-between.

This season is so special because the audience got to vote back 20 of their favorite cast members from past seasons. I AM LOVING IT. Some villains, like Kass, turned over new leaves while other villains, like Abi-Maria, are even more annoying and childish than ever before. Some heroes are really kicking butt, like Jeremy and Kelley, and others are continuing to be their kick-butt selves like Joe. Either way, it's so interesting to see how they take their second change.

If I had to choose right now, I have a very clear top 6. For guys: Joe, Jeremy, and Spencer. For girls: Tasha, Kelley, and Ciera.

Do you watch Survivor? Who are you rooting for to win? 


Like Survivor, The Amazing Race is a family affair--minus my Dad replaced by his sister. This is a show I gave up on over five years ago, though. I felt like the race was becoming repetitive season to season...learn this dance here, eat some really gross delicacy here, take to the skies somehow here, etc. etc. But this small break that I took totally helped me appreciate it even more now. I picked it back up because I am commuting this semester, so I have access to television and Friday nights are typically full of homework for me so I can afford to head into the city all weekend. Can you blame me for wanting some entertainment while I do homework?

I also have super strong feelings about this set of racers. I really dislike the green team. Sure, their Amazing Race themed proposal was adorable, but they are so obnoxious and rude. They're the only team I actually dislike. There is also a mother-son team from the South who are on the race to get along better because the mother was not accepting of the son's homosexuality. I love the son, James Earl, but his mother is so loud and mean and unaware of herself. I'd say I kind of dislike her at times.

But as for the teams I love...I LOVE the cheerleaders! These two ex-NFL cheerleaders are so positive with each other and encouraging and they are so fun to watch. I know they may not be in it long because they're always near the back of the pack, but I really like them. I also like the newscaster couple because they're so calm and level-headed and I think they'll make it far. I kind of like the athletes from Texas only because they're out to get the green team out so I support them, but they're arrogant and totally wasted a fast pass because they don't know how to plan ahead properly.

This will definitely be an interesting season!

Do you watch The Amazing Race? Who are you rooting for to win?


What do you think of reality TV? I decided to make this post because my friend, Dana, loves TV, but not reality TV. We are kind of opposite in that sense. So I am curious to learn about other people's TV viewing habits! If you watch reality TV, what shows? If you watch these shows, who are you rooting for? If you don't watch Reality TV, what else are you watching? Comment below with your thoughts!

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  1. I'm not too into reality TV. I was in high school, though. I was literally obsessed with America's Next Top Model back then, and I actually watched an episode from the current season last week. I was impressed, so I might be going back.

    There are a few reality TV shows that I enjoyed watching on E!. I really liked Mrs. Eastwood & Company, and I was a little sad when that went off the air. Oh, and I'll watch any cooking reality show, especially Cupcake Wars.

    Erin @ The Hardcover Lover