Ten Bookish Habits I Want to Quit

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Oh gosh...some of my most shameful secrets! Made all the better with Parks n Rec gifs for emphasis and plain old hilarity. My top ten bookish habits that I've now shamed myself into quitting...

1. Using anything as a bookmark- I have so many bookmarks, but they're never convenient when I need them. I always end up using a piece of homework or a flyer (once a birthday card with a check in it that I panicked thinking I lost the next day). Yeah, let's not do that again. New resolution: leave a bookmark in every room in a place that my cat can't get them. I just seem to hate actual bookmarks.

2. Binge-reading myself into slumps- I will always binge read series. This point isn't about the actual act of binge-reading, it's about the fact that I can binge a million books in a week, and then go a month or two without picking up any because I gassed myself out. I need to stop reading so much immediately back to back being it sends me into slumps (like what I am currently experiencing).

3. Taking too many books out of the library- A trip to the library for one book equates to me walking out of the library with ten books knowing full well that I probably won't read them all, but wanting the selection all the same. I have to be more thoughtful because me hoarding an unread book for a month may be taking it out of someone else's hands who will read it immediately.

4. Snubbing audiobooks- I don't really snub audiobooks, I just don't understand the interest in them because they seem boring to me...which I guess is kind of an unintentional snubbing. Point is that I have to give them a chance.

5. Skimming academic texts- I have already begun changing this because I am flat out reading all the Sakespeare plays assigned to me in class this semester, but I have this belief that an academic reading can be super boring so I sometimes struggle to take it as seriously as my pleasure reading because it's not what I am interested in (only in classes that I don't want to take but have to like chemistry or something). Well, those are books to and I am going to give them more of a chance.

6. Ignoring the classics- I don't necessarily ignore the classics, but I was not taught many of them growing up in school and my parents stocked me with a library that was ridiculously modern because they didn't do a ton of reading when they were young aside from James Patterson and Ayn Rand. So I need to have a little more love for the classics instead of focusing completely on modern literature. They could totally wow me and the classics I have read definitely have.

7. Fear of goodbyes- I've done countless posts on this and even instituted Summer of Series to ensure that I can finish series because I am so bad at finishing them. See, I have commitment issues. I will read all the way up to the last book and then I won't read the last book because I am not ready for this journey to end with a goodbye. I have slowly gotten over this (over 30 series completed since I started blogging!) but I still have a ways to go. This is a goal that will take a while to properly overcome.

8. Boxing myself in to YA/MG/NA- So I tend to mostly read young adult, middle grade, and new adult novels because that is what I blog about. It gives me very little time to read adult novels, classical texts, even the occasional steamy romance (admit it, we all need it!), so I need to stop boxing myself in and perhaps expand my horizons.

9. Hatred of eBooks- Okay, I don't hate eBooks, I just strongly dislike them because I have terrible eyes. I can't read them at night without getting a headache, I can't be in motion while reading them without getting a headache and feeling sick, I can't read them without my glasses on without getting a headache. I need to learn to adapt to them and perhaps buy a proper eReader because they're cheap and affordable and a book is a book. I also have to stop making excuses. Yes. Hopefully I can get over this one for my bookshelves sake.

10. Throwing books onto my shelves- I had a shelf collapse over the summer because it had so many books on it and since then I've just been throwing books onto my shelves wherever they'll fit because it totally messed up my entire organization system. My shelves look crazy and only I know where books are so my father has a coronary every time I ask him to grab a book for me because he's scared he'll feel my wrath from harming one of my babies. The babies gotta be on display and look pretty again! I'll most likely be doing this after Comic Con.

Do we have any habits in common? Don't forget to link me to your TTT posts below!


  1. I definitely recommend picking up one of the eReaders with e-ink - it looks almost exactly like a paper page. It's flat, with very, very minimal glare and none of that backlighting from screens that can give you headaches. Buying a proper eReader changed my reading life.

    I also need to stop ignoring the classics. Like you, I wasn't taught a lot of them in school and so finding the drive to read those dense titles felt like a chore. And the books we were taught were terribly boring, which did nothing to foster a love for the classics. Reading more classic lit is definitely going to be a resolution for 2016.

    1. They just cost money and I have no money right now D: D: D:

      I want to take a class on classics to kind of force me to change this way of thinking!

  2. Yeah, still not much of an ebook reader. I do on rare occasions. But can agree with a lot of these too. Especially snubbing academic reads. I did that a lot!

    Here's my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

    1. I'm trying to change it because I love Shakespeare, but it'll be a process!

  3. haha i have so many books that dont use actual bookmarks. most of them use the sheet of paper publishers send it with.
    i tried audiobooks myself, not a fan, too slow, too boring.
    i like reading everything from ya to adult, i think it keeps me from going into a slump and am terrible at finishing series

  4. "I had a shelf collapse over the summer because it had so many books on it"
    This happened to my manga shelf this Summer as well. I was sad about it, since it held 500+ of them. I ended up storing them in plastic boxes.

    "I don't really snub audiobooks, I just don't understand the interest in them because they seem boring to me...which I guess is kind of an unintentional snubbing."
    Guilty. I need to give them more of a chance as well.

    "Taking too many books out of the library: A trip to the library for one book equates to me walking out of the library with ten books" - I was extremely guilty of this, when I was in Spokane. But, geez, they had sooooo many libraries. I'd visit 3 in 1 day, and go home with 20 mangas. (At least, I usually read most of them!). I have gotten alot better about this, since moving back to Alabama, and usually only leave with 2 or 3 books.

  5. I actually have that same habit of borrowing way too many library books all at once! I've gotten better at keeping my piles down (thank goodness), but I'm still wary of visiting the library for fear of checking out more books than I can possibly read within the weeks I can take them out.

    1. It is so hard to resist because free books for all! haha