What do you think of blogging hiatuses?

This is just an idea that's been kicking around in my mind recently, and I am curios to see what your thoughts are!

There was an unannounced 9 day stretch where I disappeared off social media for the most part and did not post a single thing on my blog in the end of September leading into the beginning of October. I am not going to lie, it was kind of wonderful.

There have been countless posts on why blogging is a hobby and you should love it, so know that this is totally not the direction this post is going. My point is that I didn't take this hiatus because my blog was feeling like a chore. My blog is still something I love. I took this hiatus for my mental health, really. And not because blogging was stressing me out, just because I knew that if I didn't do it, it could seriously contribute to me going a little nuts from how crazy my life was in the moment.

I've noticed that so many of us love our blogs so much that letting it just sit every now and then is something we simply cannot do, and if it happens it eats us up inside. So if we do allow it to sit, we announce to the world we are disappearing for a bit and roll with it with promises to come back in full force on blah blah blah date.

In this blogging hiatus, I didn't read a single book aside from Hamlet by William Shakespeare for class, which I've read probably three or four times in the past and love more and more because, let's face it, Hamlet is just so freaking weird that delving into his mind is always an adventure. But anyway, back to my point. I didn't think about my blog once in this brief unannounced hiatus because I didn't want to give myself any unrealistic expectations to come back to when the time comes. I didn't take this hiatus to catch up on content or anything of the sort. I took the hiatus for me.

The truth is that I am still crazy busy. But in the week span where I decided to take my time off of my blog, I officially applied to study abroad, I wrote 5 essays, I battled a 100+ degree fever, I applied to my study abroad scholarship with a prestigious award with essays I've been working on for two months, I aced my first test of the semester, I decided that I may be graduating college a semester early, I saw my first Broadway show of the semester, and I saw two concerts back to back in a 24 hour span the day after I visited Buzzfeed.

Crazy, right? Well, that's my life. And I temporarily had to take something off of my plate to be able to focus on those essays so that I could enjoy those concerts and experiences without having something anxiety-inducing in the back of my mind. And then the first chance I got, I came on here and threw together yesterday's STS post and then this weird little thing about some thoughts that have been floating around in my mind for a while.

But what I've realized in this small stint is that I am 100% pro unannounced brief little disappearances to get our lives in order now that I've experienced it and came back without feeling like I owe myself something. If I stressed out about getting a post up while dealing with all that craziness this past week, I probably would have gotten even sicker and missed out on some of those opportunities. So, sometimes, you just gotta let everything be and roll with it (I mean, come on, even Hamlet figures this out eventually!). Deadlines and promises of returns are great, but such things can be anxiety inducing too if you're return isn't what you wanted it to be. Isn't the point of a hiatus to not freak out anymore?

What are your thoughts on hiatuses? I am in total support of taking them when necessary, but I'm starting to believe that perhaps briefly disappearing every now and then for a week or small length of time would be just what we need (like dipping your toe into a pool instead of jumping right in). Maybe a small break when we are sensing that our lives are getting in the way can help us avoid an exponentially long break that leaves us with potentially unrealistic expectations. Or are you the complete opposite of me and find that hiatuses are only useful when extended? I am very curious to know?


  1. I'm not a fan of when a blogger disappears and then apologises for it. It always reminds me of this awesome post I read ages ago about not being an apologetic blogger.

    Sure, tell me where you were.
    But don't APOLOGISE for living your life.

    This is your blog, your space, your life. Own it.

    You don't have to apologise to anyone for stepping out. You don't owe it to anyone to always give notice or whatever.

    Maybe that doesn't entirely answer your question about hiatuses (is that a word) but whatevs. :P

    I like your approach!

    1. Yes! This was the entire point of the post, but I didn't want to take their thoughts so I explained it in my whole convoluted way. I have no regrets about disappearing and I won't apologize for it because I NEEDED it, and I think some other people should do what I've done too. Idk, I liked it and think it could be beneficial!

      Glad you liked the post!

      P.S. I looked it up! Hiatuses is the plural of hiatus. haha

  2. Soo I am notoriously bad with deadlines and set schedules. This is why I never say I am going on haitus. I love my readers and I of course respect the hell out of our whole community but if I want to take a break I don't feel the need to check in. I mean really are people gonna get miffed if I don't do my sts post one week or even miss a whole week of posts?( I don't even think anyone notices) I am a huge believer on doing what I want when I want (with in reason of course if I have a blog tour or need to read an arc by release that's different). If I don't want to do my top ten Tuesday...I don't etc etc. This is supposed to be fun so I just let it be fun. I think that we never should have to say sorry for living our lives. This is our hobby after all. Keep it fun. (And make sure to report all the fun details when we get back to blogging) 😜

    1. I am so bad with schedules too! If it's not a blog tour, I suck with it! Blogging is fun but sometimes I feel like I need a set schedule just to make sure I don't clump a ton of posts together and have it be a little more spread out.

      Thank you for stopping by as always Britt <3 Your comments are always so thoughtful and so appreciated on my end!

  3. I don't think it matters how long you take off, it's your life, it comes first you don't need to feel like you should apologize for it. Small breaks are fine and so are long ones. You cannot control what happens in your life outside of your blog, or how long it might last. In the end, we chose to blog because we want to.

    1. 100% true! But I feel like we as bloggers feel like we need to apologize for taking time off for our lives or something and I don't like THAT aspect of it.

  4. I don't mind when bloggers take short or long hiatuses - do what what you gotta do is my philosophy, especially since I have been known to drop off the face of the blogosphere here and there because life happens.

    I don't think living your life should impact your followers and readers, I personally follow people because I like what they post and I enjoy interacting with them. That isn't going to change because someone took a break from blogging.

    Emily @ Follow the Yellow Book Road

    1. Yes! I love this! I only ever find myself unfollowing people if 1) they REALLY offended me or 2) they have been inactive for over 6 months which leads me to believe they've quit. Otherwise, you're stuck with me forever once I decide to follow you!