Ten Interesting Facts About Me

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish.

Moment of honesty: I had trouble putting together this list. I find it really hard to be open at times because I am a typically closed off person. I'm just a 20 something living in NYC trying to figure out what I do with my life while I gobble up pop culture of all sorts, work my butt off, eat too much food, and battle my serious case of wanderlust. I also find it really weird that I just used the word "butt" (x2) on my blog. *shrug*


1. I have been a vegetarian for 16 years. I don't have an interesting origin story for my vegetarianism, simply that meat doesn't sit well in my stomach and I never liked how my mom cooked it!

2. I am an on-campus tour guide at my university, and a lot of my friends don't realize that. It's been 3 years and I've steadily risen through the ranks in the longest job I've ever had. This job has instilled ridiculous confidence in me, and I feel like the Lili you see today is not the Lili of freshman year because of it.

3. I am the most awkward person ever. Part of the reason that I love publicity is because it helps me come out of my shell. Sure, I'm awkward, but I feel more comfortable owning it when in a publicity setting.

4. I have had 7 internships! I love interning because it helps me figure out my future. I am current working for Nickelodeon and Tor this summer in a skyscraper in Times Square and the iconic Flatiron Building. I don't know where I'm going after this, but I'm so content with where I am right now.

5. I am beyond excited to be graduating a semester early in December. I'm excited to enter the real world and leave college behind, mostly because most of my best friends graduated this past May. But, at the same time, I am turning into an anxious mess about the uncertainty that comes with my future.

6. I am obsessed with Broadway mostly because I don't have a talented bone in my body. I tend to see 10-15 shows a semester whenever I am living in the city. Becoming a commuter student has really dampened my creative spirit...and chances at seeing Hamilton. *tears*

7. I miss London so much it hurts. Brexit has upset me greatly and I may not want to be there right now, but I feel like a piece of my heart is always going to be there after living there for 5 months. If anything, studying abroad has given me the travel bug. Thailand or Australia, I want ya'll to be next!

8. I couldn't live without having a cat in my life. For real. There's nothing more to say for this point.

9. I have decided to make this blog my blog. I mean, it's always been my blog, but I want it to be about everything now, not just books. Whatever is on my mind. And that's the direction that I am choosing to take this blog.

10. I am the biggest wimp you'll ever meet. Horror movies, super gory books, gross conversation while eating...anything along those lines will make me lose my appetite and probably affect my already terrible sleeping schedule for the remainder of the week. The sad thing is that the previous statement is no exaggeration!


Did you know any of this about me? Do we have anything in common? Tell me something about yourself in the comments below! <3


  1. So jealous of all your internships :P Wonderful list!

  2. I didn't realized you had so many internships! Wow! And TOR... I'm really jealous about that one.

    I usually make plans to travel every year, so let me know if you need a travel buddy. I would totally be in!