Movie Madness #2: Bridget Jones's Baby

With the recent discovery of a $5-$7 dollar movie theater nearby my father's house, I find myself going to the movies more often because, well, I can see 3 movies for the price of one elsewhere in New Jersey or New York. Because of this, I've been getting myself super hyped for some movies and decided to create a meme out of it. The purpose of this meme is to just fangirl about the movies I am most excited to see in the coming year.


Let's be honest, a million girls across the country flipped out when they found out this was going to be a movie because it's Bridget Jones. Our homegirl. Our fearless leader of realness and awkwardness and what-the-heck-is-my-life-ness. What more could we ask for?

The thing I am most upset about is that I am not in London for the release of this movie. While in London, my Greenwich girls and I had many a night cuddled up with the Bridget Jones movies and lots of wine. I feel like I am suddenly breaking tradition by not being able to see the next film with them. 


Aside from that, I'm also really excited for the triumphant return of Renee Zellwegger to the big screen after six years away. I know a lot of people are freaking out about her looks, but she's always going to be a childhood movie icon of mine whether it be the Bridget Jones films or Chicago.

Another thing that's worth noting about this series, outside from its downright relatability and promise of hilarious shenanigans, is the fact that Bridget is a book publicist in the first movie. Granted, she isn't a very a good one and that career path for her dissipates really fast, but it's representation of my future career. When it comes to movies depicting people in the publishing industry, they're either struggling authors, authors who just hit it big, or editors with swanky offices that actually don't exist. Never the publicist. I was having this conversation with a friend of mine the other day and thought I had to note this because I don't want my future career to emulate Bridget's foray into book publicity!

Who does she pick?! Mr. Darcy or McDreamy?! Or, plot twist, neither! I must know!


Are YOU excited for this movie? Have you seen the previous Bridget Jones films? If not, you need to get on that pronto! They're life-changing and a requirement for any female in this day and age. Yes.

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