The Intern Diaries: A Bad Case of the Fangirls

After my first internship at a literary agency, I put together a free-flowing post about what I learned and my audience really enjoyed it! Well, now that I am on what is technically internship #8, I want to do the same thing as I go, but share it with my readers since I'm quickly discovering that many of you aspire to do the same thing that I am doing now! This post series is sporadic whenever I think something is relatively interesting!


HELLLOOOOOOO! It's been a while since I've done one of these. Almost a year, actually. I ended this series saying my goodbye to Penguin back in December 2015. Since I've studied abroad in the Spring, I didn't even start working again until this summer. Now that things have finally calmed down, I thought it was time to re-introduce this series. Also because someone recently asked about it, and it's an awesome feeling to know someone wants to read your posts.

Anywho, one of the hardest part of interning, I've noticed, is holding in a bad case of the fangirls. Authors are people, too, and when they're visiting the office they expect a level of professionalism to go with it. That's fine and all, but inside I'm just squeeing in excitement. I'm sure that as a full-time salaried employee you're reaction is different because you communicate with your authors on a consistent basis, but for a general reader who happens to find herself in a publishing house, this is a crazy fun opportunity that makes you just want to freak out in excitement.

Growing up I perceived authors as untouchable. It took entering the blogging community, interacting with authors on social media, and even realizing a New York Times bestseller lives in my hometown to realize they're everyday people. It's hard to reconcile that with the fact that these everyday people write stories that blow my mind, entertain me to no end, and, in some instances, change my life. With this in mind, it's natural to want to fangirl. Hardcore. Even if you can't. 

I've learned to just fangirl on the inside and have normal conversations with authors as I get to know them.

There are times, however, where it's hard to hold it in because I wasn't expecting the author to come. One of the publicist's can attest to my shock when my mouth dropped as I watched Victoria Schwab wander by my office one random day. To everyone else it was just another day in the office.

And though that sounds really crazy to me in the moment because I was so excited, it's something to look forward to. Being able to create a professional partnership/friendship where you can tell your authors how much you enjoyed their books without squeeing like a child because it becomes routine. 

I remember telling one of my older bosses just how excited I was to be acknowledged in two books, to which she said it's an amazing feeling even when you become acknowledged in many. I went on to say I keep every book I am acknowledged in, to which she responded she could never do that because she'd have no room on her shelves. 

It's a sobering thought.


Now that this meme is resurrected from the dead, do you have any thoughts on what you'd like to see talked about here? Thoughts and questions are always welcome!

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