Review: The Grift of the Magi by Ally Carter

Series: Heist Society #3.5
Publication Date: November 15, 2016
Reading Level: Young Adult
Pages: 105 (eBook)
Source: Bought
Katarina Bishop is a thief. To many it wouldn’t matter that she now uses her considerable skills to re-steal valuable works of art and return them to their rightful homes.

She’s still a thief.

So that’s why Kat’s surprised when an Interpol agent comes to her one snowy evening, asking for Kat’s help.

The Magi Miracle Network was set to auction off a very rare, very valuable Faberge egg two days before Christmas, but the egg’s been stolen and now the charity’s reputation—and their future—is on the line.
Kat’s family and Interpol might be opposite sides of most jobs, but someone just stole Christmas.

Now it’s up to Kat and her crew to steal it back.

The Grift of the Magi is a Heist Society novella and is approximately half the length of the other novels in the series. It stands alone, but if you want read more about Kat and her crew check out Heist Society, Uncommon Criminals, and Perfect Scoundrels.
~*~Lili's Reflections~*~

I flipped out when I found out this novella existed. I honestly had no clue until a few days ago. How did it fly under my radar for so long?! I quickly realized that it is because Ally Carter did not publish through Disney Hyperion the way the rest of the series is published and instead did it on her own.

This book features the gang. Everyone I could possibly want is in it, even if only briefly, and I often found myself jumping in excitement when a new name appeared on the page. The second I saw the countdown layout of the chapters, I was in the zone. I got to travel the world (albeit it was not as detailed as I would have liked but, hey, it's a novella) and do illegal things again and what more could you want from an Ally Carter book? This book is a super quick read and it made it nice to slip back into this world. 

My favorite part about this story is that we have Hale and Kat working together... as a couple! There is their usual awesomeness doubled by some kisses and even better bickering-y banter. YES YES YES! Slightly rushed ending aside, I loved every minute of this novella and the Christmas (mistletoe!) feelings brought with it.

I will say that this novella is making me believe that Heist Society #4 may actually be a thing because it really ties the series together. We all know that Kat has an Egg of the Magi because it is her most prized possession from her mother. And then this book has to deal with rescuing the second egg. This series wouldn't be hole without us discovering where Egg #3 is. I truly wouldn't be able to forgive Carter if she gave us this amazing novella that gives such hope for the continuation of the series without actually continuing it. I just... I want this so badly. This is one of my major bookish wishes ever. For realsies.

Anyway, read this novella. It's well worth the three dollars because slipping into this world with this amazing group of characters is intoxicating. BUT GOSH DANG IT, I JUST WANT TO KNOW HALE'S NAME!

4 stars


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  1. This was a fun, short book. Like all of Ally's books, it was amazing and I devoured it in one sitting. If you've read the heist novels you'll love it. If you haven't, you'll still probably enjoy it but I'd suggest reading the others first.

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