A Time for Reflections

I have been blogging for just over 4.5 years. This blog has seen me apply to colleges, take the SATs, graduate high school, move to New York city, struggle with roommates, travel to Israel on my birthright, make new friends that I now call family, triumph academically, lose friends in emotional waves, begin a journey of self-discovery, spend nearly 6 months living in England and traveling Europe, hop from internship to internship, deal with some really terrible sicknesses in my family, write my thesis, and, finally, graduate college a semester early summa cum laude. This blog has seen me through the silent stress of realizing college is coming to an end and I have to enter the real world and find a job.

I think it's fitting to end on the most important note that is going to open a brand new chapter in my life: this blog has seen me get a job.

This is still weird for me to say only because I have been an intern for so long! Alas, no longer!

I've been very fortunate to have found a family with Tor and their kickass publicity department. Somehow, over the seven months that I was there, my team morphed from a group of bosses to people I call my friends; people I binge Star Wars with, fight over ships with, howl with laughter with, share cat pictures with on a near daily basis. Today is my first day as an official employee. "A real person" as I like to joke, that has a salary and benefits and actual responsibilities. And I'm excited to make this transition with such an amazing team! I can recognize how rare it is to have a job straight out of college, especially in our industry, and I know that I'm blessed. I worked so hard for this, and I'm excitedly taking that step into that new life.

With this step comes a huge change in my life--changes that are going to take away from my blog. So, this isn't a goodbye, but it's a see you later. My blog will still be here and, who knows, I may update it with foodie adventures and my travels randomly throughout the year, but it's time to let it go. I need to relax, read for pleasure, work, and enjoy my free time instead of sitting down to knock out a million posts a month. My life is books though, so I will never stop talking about them. I'll still be on Twitter and Goodreads posting scattered thoughts that must be shared, but this chapter of my life has to be let go.

I'll still be reachable on Twitter (@LiliFeinberg), Instagram (@LiliFeinberg), and also Goodreads. Thank you for staying with me for so long and going on this crazy journey with me! I don't know what I would have done without the blogging following and family I've found these past 4.5 years. I don't want to lose touch!

P.S. Seriously, friend me on Goodreads! I will always need book recommendations and that is where I'll be spending most of my book-related Internet time aside from Twitter!


  1. I'm soooo happy for you and your new job!! :) Congratulations! Tor seems really fantastic.

    I'm really glad you'll still be around on Twitter. :) I'd miss you otherwise!

    Good luck with the new job (not that you need it!). ♥

    1. Haha thank you, Ashley! <3

      I do miss you though! If I'm ever in England again, a trip to Cambridge may be in order :o

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so thrilled for you, and look forward to working with you in that professional capacity <3

    1. Yes <3 It's going to be cool to work with you!

  3. That is amazing that you got a job! I totally understand work taking away from blogging. It happens.

  4. I'm so happy for you!! I wish you the best of luck on whatever path life decides to take you.

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