Review: The Light and Fallen

  • Author: Anna White
  • Series: Chronicles of the Nephilim #1
  • Format: Kindle Ebook
  • Pages: 189 pages
  • Source: Won
Lucian isn't sure what to expect when he steps over the banister separating Heaven from Earth. He opens his eyes in a new body, one with no wings, no knowledge of the future, and no special powers. All he remembers is his mission: to find a mysterious key. When he meets a human girl that he can't ignore he is forced, for the first time in eternity, to choose between duty and the pull of his heart. The future hangs on his decision, but he's fallen into a world where nothing is just what it seems. 

~*~Honorable Note~*~
I will not add honorable notes into my reviews often, and I promise that they do not sway my reviews. However, I would like to inform you of a very admirable thing that Anna White is doing. 100% of the proceeds of this novel will be sent to The Water Project. This book only costs $3.99 on Amazon and it could help save lives and make lives better. Of course, if you do not want to buy the novel because it simply does not appeal to you, you can always take the time to donate to such a deserving cause otherwise. 
~*~Lili's Reflections~*~
  For a debut novel, this is definitely worth checking out. It's a battle between good and evil, with a wobbly romance and teen angst thrown in to sweeten the deal.

Samara's father disappeared. He is presumed dead, but Samara still has hope. Her mother and her were stuck in a rut ever since his disappearance, but the sudden appearance of new student, Lucian, in her school would inevitably turn her world upside down. Lucian is an angel that was sent to Earth to complete a mission--find a key that can save the Timeline and stop it from disappearing. However, Samara seems to be the ultimate distraction. And to make matters worse, ancient enemy, Jack--a fallen angel--does not plan on making anything easy for him. This novel is the beginning of their journey.

The plot for this novel is great. Anna White took something odd--willingly leaving heaven to complete a mission instead of being cast out of it--and added her own unique spin to it. The whole banister thing was not something I would have thought of. She brought elements of the human world into the angel-world to help make the transition better.

The characterization was great. White was able to avoid the cliches that generally evolve around the beginning of young-adult relationships by attributing Lucian's fascination with Samara to her odd behavior. After all, he was told humans behave the same, but Samara was so different and it stunned him and made him want to know why. This allowed the infatuation to slowly take effect and have reason of doing so. I'm happy to report that this is not one of those novels where the characters are in love from the second they lay eyes on each other. As much as we wish that would happen, it doesn't. However, Lucian's fight to keep on task and follow his heart is a bit bothersome. At times, it allows him to be unpredictable and his actions are downright odd. Then again, other times, all you want to do is wish that he was yours.

My only problem with characterization is Jack. I get that he is evil, so he must be sinister, but his character seemed a bit psychotic at times. He pursued Samara as if she were a piece of meat just because his enemy truly loved her. His thoughts just freaked me out at times, that's all I can say. Again, I feel like that's supposed to be part of his characterization, but I do not like him. Didn't like his character to begin with, but hated him more as the psychotic-meter began to rise.

Finally, the ending. It was predictable. You could figure it out if you paid attention to Lucian's guardians pieces of advice. And I'm okay with that, but I'm disappointed with how the big reveal was carried out. It came out of nowhere, no type of hint that it would happen. You could tell it would happen because it had to, but it just happened out of nowhere. She can't just know how to handle something so big, but she did, as if such an odd thing was an every-day occurrence. I know I'm being vague, but I don't want to spoil anything for you if you didn't catch onto the foreshadowing like I do.

This book is worth reading. It's very short, so it will go by in a single day. At least it did for me. I thought I'd be upset that it was so short, but I'm not upset because it didn't include enough information, I'm upset because I wanted more. I hope that the sequel is longer so Lucian and Samara can stick with us a bit longer than 189 pages. With that being said, I am giving this book a 4. Like any debut novel, it is not perfect, but it sure is worth checking out. It's a cute, quick read.

I'd also like to applaud Anna White for her contributions to such an amazing cause.

The cover could be so much better. It's sort of bland and just has big words cut off my a lightning bolt. While I understand the significance of the bolt, it does not make a decent cover. Then again, this novel is only available in an e-book format. An e-book doesn't really have to have a beyond amazing cover to make you pull it off a shelf like a regular novel would. 

 4 stars

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