Top Ten Tuesday #3

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the fabulous The Broke and The Bookish.
Each week we highlight a new top ten list on a variety of topics.
This week's topic: Top Ten Tuesday Rewind. Since we got to pick any topic from the past, I chose Bookish Pet Peeves.

1. Grammatical Errors - I understand that absolutely nobody, even a published writer, has proper grammar. I'm sure I have some grammatical errors in my previous posts, but I'm such a Grammar Nazi when reading other people's works. A novel goes through copy editors countless times before it's actually published. Grammatical errors shouldn't even be in existence after being read extensively so many times.

2. Spelling Errors - Like grammatical errors, they shouldn't even be in existence. The worse thing about spelling errors is that they're so obvious, too! I read a book a few weeks ago that used the word "charter" and the spelled it as "chrarter." I seriously had to put the book down for an hour and walk away because I couldn't understand how someone would let that get published. Second grade level writing, people!

3. Plot Holes - I can't be completely focused on a story and then it suddenly changes topics and I'm left hanging with the previous topic. Plot holes should not exist and all loose ends should be tied up by the end of the novel or series. If not, then you have a serious problem on your hands. Plot holes are not something that a reader should begin to count or notice, they should not be in existence at all!

4. Unnecessarily Long Series - Some book series are just getting so long these days! It's absurd. I have two unfinished series sitting on my book shelves just because I lost interest since they got so long and I couldn't deal with them anymore. While I'm sure others love long series, I prefer when a series just gets to the point. You know, 3 - 5 books is great. Anything more make it hard to remember everything that previously happened.

5. Bi-Polar Characters - The characterization of some characters is just so horrible. I understand that no author wants to have a character, especially a main character, that falls flat, so in an effort to avoid a character like that they make their character so complex that they seem bi-polar because they're constantly shifting emotions with little to no warning when such a thing is about to happen. Bi-polar characters make your novel lack substance. It's important to have an emotional character, but the emotions have to be reasonable and flow into each other and, as readers, we need to be able to sense when the character changes emotions, why they're changing emotions, and what triggered that emotional change.

6. Anti-Climatic Climaxes - It's so frustrating to be reading a novel that builds up to a specific moment in the story and you can't wait for that final showdown to take place because you know it's going to be so amazing and then it's not. It just sort of happens, but it doesn't blow your mind the way the book made it seem. The whole point of a climax of a story is to leave you breathless, to make the reader sit there thinking, "wow." If a climax doesn't do that, what's the point of sticking with the author? It's almost as if the entire story is a flop if the moment that we've all been waiting for didn't go out with a bang!

7. Plot Twists That Don't Make Sense - I hate how I could be reading a story and be totally immersed in it and then something unexpected suddenly happens that didn't further the book along at all. I love unexpected twists because predictability isn't always a good thing, but if an author throws something in there just to make the book longer or change the current topic, I'm not a happy camper. It takes away from the original plot-line and makes the novel lack substance. I don't understand why authors can't stick with their original plot-line instead of going off-course into uncharted sea that will batter and bruise your ship and have you come out in worse condition than what you entered in.

8. Worries Over Word Counts - The word count of a book can sometimes ruin it. Sometimes there are simply too many words and sometimes there are not enough words. Too many times have I sat there reading a novel that had an ending that came to soon, just as much as I have read novels that had endings that couldn't come soon enough. Wordiness is always a worry among authors, but their attempts to cut it down can hurt them. Just write your story, don't worry about the length. If it flows, it flows. If you're just writing for length, don't continue the story. Readers can tell when you're writing for length...

9. Bloggers Who Don't Say Anything Negative In Their Reviews - Reviewing is about being honest and I've taken some bloggers' opinions into consideration while picking up books. Those opinions have led me in the wrong direction because they're so scared to be honest in their reviews and only point out the positives of a book in fear of backlash or an affiliate dropping them. I understand that most of my reviews may be of higher ratings because I've been lucky enough to avoid truly terrible books by looking at reviews posted by other bloggers, but I do point out what I do and do not like about a book in my "Lili's Reflections" section of every review. I feel like it's almost an unspoken necessity to explain the positive and negative aspects of a novel to see whether they balance each other out or not.

10. Cliff-Hangers - I am not a fan of cliffies because I'm the type of reader that wants to know what happens now. Cliff-hangers frustrate me because they normally come right before a part of the book that you want to know about so badly, but you can't figure it out until you buy that second book. Clever move on the author's part, making you buy the next book to find out something big. However, if I don't feel as if the story is a story worth continuing, I won't waste my money buying the second book because the cliff-hanger was probably put there as a desperate attempt to continue to sell a series. It's hard to find a series full of cliff-hangers that I'll actually continue reading.


  1. Great list! I agree with almost everything on here. Especially the grammatical and spelling errors. After so many revisions and editings, a books shouldn't have anymore errors like that. However, I do like cliffhangers. The only thing that annoys me about cliffhangers is when I have to wait a whole year for the next book! Thanks for visiting :)

  2. I've been noticing more and more grammatical and spelling errors in books lately. I find them really distracting, especially when they crop up in the middle of a good chapter.

  3. I'm terrible about not saying anything negative in my reviews. Usually I don't feel like the negative bits are worth mentioning if I enjoyed the book overall.

    1. I get ya! Some people just lead you in the completely wrong direction, though!

  4. 3, 6, 8, and 10 for me. You bring up some good points.

    1. Thank you (: and yeah, those are the big ones!

  5. I agree on all points. As a grammar nazi (or so others have described me), I find typos, misspellings and grammar errors very distracting. I can find plenty of negative things to say about a bad book, but if a book would otherwise be reasonably good but for the proofreading errors, I can't seem to read past it and really enjoy the story. Yeah, I'm a total nerd.