Top Ten Tuesday #8

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the fabulous The Broke and The Bookish.
Each week we highlight a new top ten list on a variety of topics.
This week's topic is a freebie, so I chose: Top Ten Things That I Love To Find In Books.
If a book has a decent chunk of any of these things, I'd probably love it.

1. Relatable and Respectable Characters - I absolutely love it when I can relate to a character. It makes a book all the more interesting for me because I can read more of it and understand the character on a new level. I also like when I can respect a character. When I say that I mean that they're intelligent and logical. They're someone I'd want to befriend if this was the real world. If I can't connect on some level with the character, the novel may as well be a lost cause. 

2. Well Thought Out Romances - Ladies and gentlemen, there's a disease riddling the YA writing industry these days and that disease is called insta-love. If characters fall into this category, the odds of my liking them are stacked against them. Books have to have some element of realism to them. The whole loving someone after they greet you for the very first time thing is getting old.

3. Detailed World Building - I like to immerse myself in the book, imagine I'm there. Detail is a big point for me. I want to imagine everything and stand in the main characters shoes. How are we expected to lose ourselves in a new world if we don't truly understand this new world and what it looks like?

4. Background Information/Evidence of Research - My favorite thing to read is a novel that pulls in some type of outside lore. Anything from mythology to Celtic lore to lore that an author completely made up besides taking some ideas from urban legends is amazing. If it is explored to its fullest extent and it shows that an author put a lot of time into it, how can it fall flat? Such a thing tends to captivate me because I get to learn while I read. I'm a huge myth nerd like that.

5. No Errors - This is just me being a grumpy grammar Nazi. If I find a spelling or grammatical error while reading, I'm thrown off for a few seconds and have to recollect my bearings. It's like a disruption in the flow of the story because I immediately zero in on it wishing the editors caught it. 

6. Original Content - Am I the only one that has noticed that a lot of plots among YA authors are becoming more and more similar? It's rare to stumble across a story that is entirely original that doesn't stir the memory of another novel in the dark recesses of your mind as you read it. I love originality. Stand out, try something new. It's fun!

7. Focus - Don't stray off on unnecessary tangents. Show that the story has structure that will pull us in from page on. Make it evident that you loved this story and have had it planned out for a while. If a story doesn't have focus, how are we expected to follow it?

8. Humor - I love to laugh. If a book can make me laugh, it will forever have a home on my book shelf. Very few books make me laugh out loud, but I have loved every single one of them. It seems like humor isn't an easy thing to pull off as a writer, but every once in a while an author comes along who pulls it off so expertly that your cheeks turn red while you keep reading.

9. A Way Back To My Childhood - This one's a rare one, but I can't say I have hated any novel that reminded me the slightest bit of my childhood. Any novel is an escape, but an escape into our past is always appreciated and extremely memorable. Need I say more?

10. A Respectable Author - I don't know about you guys, but it seems like every time I get on Twitter or Goodreads, there's another author attacking a reviewer or sending them hate-filled e-mails. Yesterday, I saw an author call a reviewer that I follow on Goodreads a douche. This isn't okay. It's as if maturity and respect have gone out the window these days. The Internet enables people to act like idiots and a lot of authors have been falling prey to such a thing, forgetting that anything put out here will forever be traceable and will come back to haunt them. If I can't respect an author, I am not going to waste my time on their work. End of discussion, no questions allowed. 

So, what do you think of my list? Link me up to your TTT's! Do you have any book recommendations based on my post?


  1. Lili, I think all of the qualities you listed are qualities I want in books that I read, especially books that give me a way back to my childhood, with respectable characters and an excellent world.

    Love this list, seriously.

    My TTT

    1. Haha thank you! I've been wanting to make one of these for a while. (:

  2. AH! I hate insta-love. Well thought out romances are a must for me, otherwise I have a hard time liking a book.

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  3. I really like your list and I agree with you about the well thought out love stories and world building.

  4. Love your list! I especially love to read humorous books. I completely agree with an author being respectable.