The Bloggy Awards!

Hey, everyone! Still being a relatively new blogger, I didn't truly understand how much the bloggy awards meant to some people or how big they are! Actually, I didn't even understand them overall, but I finally do now and I'm shocked that I have one nomination, let alone two!

I have one (1) nomination for BEST BREAKOUT BLOGGER.
I also have one (1) nomination for BEST DYSTOPIAN REVIEW for Article 5! 

Thank you so much to Cindy and Krista and anyone else who nominated me. If anyone else agrees with these nominations and nominates me again, or nominates me for something else, please please tell me so that I can thank you properly!

I'm in the process of trying to figure out my own nominations as we speak! It's harder than it looks! lol

You can find the current nominations list here and directions on how to nominate somebody here.


  1. Congrats! I have never been nominated for anything like this, but I can honestly say that you deserve it!!!!!!

    1. Thank you, Amy! Haha I'm so excited (: