I have something HUGE to share with everyone! My Senior Project this year is going to be a year-long charity event that I am entitling BOOKS CHANGE LIVES. I was given the opportunity to miss some classes to take an internship, create artistic masterpieces, or to carry out experiments, but I chose to create a charitable event that would benefit the less fortunate with items that I hold dear to my heart: books. Let’s face it, books really do change lives. When I’m having a bad day, I run home and immerse myself in a book so that I can forget about everything. It’s my coping mechanism to stress, sadness, and pretty much anything else out there. I’m going out on a whim here, but I think a lot of bloggers are in similar situations as me.

But what upsets me is that a lot of other teenagers and even adults cannot do the same thing. Reading is something we love that we actually take advantage of. Even if we don’t mean to.

I live in a decent suburb in northern New Jersey, the type of place people move to, to commute to bustling New York City for work every morning. But not forty minutes from me there are two incredibly impoverished towns. These towns are not well off despite producing the rare amazing athlete. These are places that are really suffering. One of these towns comes to my school every year around the holidays for an event called Winter Wonderland. These little kids are given reindeer rides by the football players while everyone else sets up booths where we make sure they all walk out with some new winter clothing, stuffed animals, and bucket loads of candy. Seeing the smiles on their faces at the end of the day warms my heart immensely because I know luxuries such as those are not easy to come by for them.

But there’s something else that I realized about these communities. Not only are there a lot of them throughout the world, but the literacy rates in them are declining. In some big cities such as Detroit, those in poverty are believed to have a 50% illiteracy rate. In any area in poverty, there’s only about a 50% - 60% graduation rate. In one of the two areas near me, I know for a fact that the adults are lucky to read at a young adult level because reading is a luxury that they can’t afford. Such a thing was hard for me to believe, an avid reader since age six that reads at an advanced level, and I realized that I need to put a stop to this.

Thus, I created the BOOKS CHANGE LIVES EVENT to coincide with my Senior Project. I will be having a book drive throughout the year to benefit these kids. I will be collecting books and gift cards. All books will be distributed to several impoverished communities to help these kids, their family, their libraries, and their educational systems. But to make this program a success, I need your help!

What I’m asking is for you to donate any old books that you don’t need anymore, maybe even ones that you didn’t really like so that they can go to a kid who will undoubtedly appreciate it and cherish it forever through the Bridge of Books Foundation. Donations can be both new and old, just as long as the book isn’t completely destroyed. If you want to donate and help out please e-mail me at with the subject line: BCL Donation. Here are the rules:

  • ARCs and finished copies are accepted
  • We are primarily looking for young adult and middle grade books, but children books are okay too. All adult books donated will be given to libraries in impoverished towns.
  • Both new and used books are accepted, but if they are used please make sure it is a gently used book. We do not want to cast off our unimportant, old books to these kids and adults who normally don’t get any books at all.
  • Signed books are okay, as are personalizations if the book is still in good shape.
  • Mangas and graphic novels as well as books in other languages are accepted for bilingual residents.
  • Gift cards are accepted in place of books if you want to help out, but can’t ship anything. These gift cards will be held and I will use them at the end of the program to buy classics, finish series, buy more books in a genre that we don’t have many of, and to buy more series bundles that kids need such as Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, The Mortal Instruments, The Hunger Games, Pretty Little Liars, Twilight and more.
  • If you want to donate, please e-mail me at with the subject line: BCL Donation.
  • E-mail me if you have any questions at all.

Throughout the next 9 months, I will be posting periodic updates about the program and eventually, I’ll even be having some authors stop by to share the importance of books to them! I would appreciate anyone’s help with this program and hope that we can manage to change these kids lives for the better.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post, it truly means a lot to me. Keep an eye out for updates and more specifics of the program later in the month!


  1. Replies
    1. Haha thank you, Jennifer <3

    2. This is an awesome idea, I should dig through my piles of books to see if I can find some books to passon.

    3. Thank you so much, Danielle!

  2. Great idea! I agree reading is important an I'll see what I can find in my books :-)

  3. I wish I could help but you live so far away so it would be difficult to get the books to you :(

    1. You could ship them OR you could donate an e gift card! That requires no shipping at all!

  4. Excellent idea, kudos for organizing the event. I'll run through my shelves and see what I can do :)

  5. This is really awesome. <3

    I'll look through my old books and ones I didn't like. Let's hope they find someone who can appreciate them and give them more love than me.

    Excellent idea. ♥