Books Change Lives Update #2

It warms my heart to tell everyone that a lot has changed since update number one!

As of today, October 28th, I know of 257 books coming in for the project. That does not include quite a few people who told me they are making donations, but haven't told me what to expect! This is an AMAZING achievement, guys. I can't express how happy I am right now.

As for the books that have arrived in the past two weeks, I'd like to thank:

Jen donated eight new ARCs in amazing condition for these kids! They'll be greatly adored! 
 Jodi donated a hardcover copy of her book as well as bookplates for these kids to enjoy.

Gina donated a limited edition green ARC of her novel Croak and a finished copy of its sequel, Scorch. I highly recommend checking both out because this is one of my favorite series ever!

Gena was super awesome and donated 10 signed finished copies of her latest young adult book, Alice in Zombieland, along with some book marks. Thank you!

Thank you, Elizabeth, for donating seven copies of your own book (with more apparently coming?) You are amazing!

Thank you for donating the first Hunger Games book--a book I really wanted to get to these kids.

 Jacqueline donated a Signed ARC of her middle grade, as well as some amazingly popular YA books. Thank you!

Rotem is my biggest donator thus far. He donated 40 books from Hyperion and Scolastic. A mixture of both childrens, middle grade, and young adult; ARCs and finished copies; english and spanish. He really helped us out this week!

 Gina was so kind. She donated a copy of her own book and allowed me to personally select two others for areas we really needed books for, as well as spreading the program to the Apocalypsies. Gina, you are truly amazing and have helped out this program immensely! <3

Fiona is my other big Apocalypsy. She donated 25 books that arrived this week, and apparently there are more coming! She has some amazing books that she has given to the cause and I can't even begin to thank her enough! 

Nicole is a very dear friend of mine and, honestly, they've donated so many books that I'm having trouble keeping track of everything at this very moment. But I've been getting a mixture of YA/MG ARC's and oversized read-along childrens books from her and these are amazing additions to the charity!

And now... some other amazing news! Many bloggers and authors have more books on the way, some of which I am so excited to share with you, but I wanted to extend a special thank you to the Apocalypsies! This is a large group of debut authors who are now working with me to get books to these kids. It is very greatly appreciated! And once again, thank you to both Fiona Paul and Gina Rosati. The Apocalypsies would not be part of this if it were not for you.

For now... enjoy this wonderful picture (despite the blurriness) of all the books that arrived on my doorstep Friday. That was just one day this week. Is that not insanely awesome?!



  1. You're welcome -- but you are doing all the hard work! I know the kids will be so excited :)

  2. WOW, Lili this is such a GREAT Cause! It makes me so happy knowing that we can reach kids to learn the LOVE of books. Hopefully this grows & grows! Good luck & much blogger <3!