Review: Tiger's Curse

Author: Collen Houck
Series: The Tiger Saga #1
Publication Date: January 11, 2011
Publisher: Sterling
Reading Level: Young Adult
Pages: 403 (Hardcover)
Source: Bought

Passion. Fate. Loyalty.

Would you risk it all to change your destiny?

The last thing Kelsey Hayes thought she’d be doing this summer was trying to break a 300-year-old Indian curse. With a mysterious white tiger named Ren. Halfway around the world. But that’s exactly what happened. Face-to-face with dark forces, spellbinding magic, and mystical worlds where nothing is what it seems, Kelsey risks everything to piece together an ancient prophecy that could break the curse forever.

Tiger’s Curse is the exciting first volume in an epic fantasy-romance that will leave you breathless and yearning for more.
~*~Lili's Reflections~*~

Honestly, I've been struggling to write this review for over a month. I enjoyed this book a lot, but I had one qualm with it that carried out throughout the entire story. It made it hard for me to love it as much as my other 5 star beauties. So, I'm just going to make this a quick review because this book was so amazingly unique that I've been struggling to properly put my thoughts into words.

The plot, the writing, the characterization all pulls you in from the first page. I found it incredibly easy to relate to Kelsey throughout the story and I was fascinated with Ren and his story. However, this is one of those books where the reader puts two and two together before the character, so you're just getting frustrated and waiting for her to catch up to you and the rest of the story. Kelsey isn't the quickest person to catch onto things, but my biggest problem with her is her immaturity and bouts of illogicality. Most of the time she was a pretty logical character, but she'd randomly explode into emotional moments that I didn't understand. She treated Ren so badly during a specific leg of their journey for reasons that are still unknown to me. And her immaturity made me roll my eyes continuously. Seriously, there was a moment out of a bad 80's move where they had one of those, "Fine!" "Fine!" fights several times that was initiated by Kelsey. I couldn't handle it.

My favorite aspect of the book is the mythology. I am a huge mythology lover, but I have never encountered Indian mythology before. When I was able to see it in this tale, I fell in love with the myths that were shared and the way that they were weaved. I wanted more because of the originality of it all. I would recommend reading it simply for the mythological stories and backgrounds to the quest and many of the characters. I found myself re-reading these specific parts several times because I enjoyed them so much.

This book is one worth checking out. No questions asked. But a few of Houck's attempts at humor fall flat. Her need to continue the plot line sometimes leads to cliches, but they're welcome cliches that don't overwhelm the story or the reader. Either way, I still loved this book so much that I was speechless. I went in expecting an awesome tale and came out with a story that, for the most part, blew me away. I am anxiously awaiting to get my hands on the rest of the series.

This book is perfect for fantasy lovers that also like some romance on the side. It is also good for people who enjoy strong heroines, even though they are still teenagers and their age shines through every now and then.

4.5 stars



  1. I have had this book for ages and have actually met the author on several occasions. But I still haven't read it! I'm glad that you really enjoyed it, even if it wasn't actually perfect. I definitely need to get busy reading it!

  2. Nice review! I felt quite similarly about this book. I really loved Tiger's Curse but unfortunately the series REALLY goes downhill. Kelsey gets even more annoying and Houck introduces one of the worst love triangles I've ever read in any YA book. :( Huge bummer! It started out with such promise..

  3. Everything you said is how i feel about Kelsey. She gets almost unbearably annoying in some parts of the series, but it is otherwise an amazing story that is worth reading...despite Kelsey's little moments. :p