Books Change Lives Update #5

As I write this post, we are 11 books away from 600! That's right, we have collected 589 books! That is absolutely insane, thank you so much for helping out these kids, everyone.

If you are a new follower and don't know what Books Change lives is, please check out the launch page here and do your part in helping to get books to impoverished children by contacting me at If you want to see picture proof of how far we have come thus far, check out update #4 here!

And now, a thank you to everyone whose books have come in since the last update...

Nicole and I took an impromptu trip to her local library where we bought some library books for the kids. Along with some more donations from her, she's donated another 20+ books. Thank you! <3 

Jennifer is amazing as always. She donated another 10 books; 8 are signed and two are even more MG ARCs with the promise of more to come! <3

Elizabeth is the biggest donator we have ever had. Just this time around she donated an extra 55+ books to the program on top of her past donations! I am truly speechless about everything that you have done for us, Elizabeth. You are truly amazing. 

Author Jessica Spotswood was awesome enough to donate over 20 books! And with them she donated a writing journal for the kids, an idea that I really love! I can't wait to get it to them. Thank you so much for the help! <3 

Montana sent another 4 books my way on top of her previous donations in the last post. Thank you so much for the generosity! She is truly amazing! 

On top of two signed hardcovers of her own debut, Susan also donated three really popular YA books to help out the cause. Thank you so much, Susan. It is greatly appreciated!

Can I just say that I freaked out when I drove home from my job at the local library to see a package on my doorstep marked from CASSANDRA CLARE?! Seriously, I did! My neighbor ran out of her house to check that I was okay and everything! Cassandra donated 5 copies each of the first two books in her amazing TMI series as well as one copy of CLOCKWORK ANGEL. And get this...they're all in Spanish! We desperately needed books in another language, so this is really going to help us out. Thank you so much, Cassandra! <3

The amazing Sawcat donated 20 books, many of which are classics, to help out. Thank you so much, Sarah! 

I loved Bethany's debut, DARK STAR, so much that I simply HAD to contact her for the event! She was amazing enough to not only donate a copy of her own book, but three mg classics that really help out in school.

Krista was awesome enough to send a copy of THE DEAD AND BURIED my way for the kids. Thank you! <3

 The amazing Lauren Kate was able to send two of her signed books. Her most recently novella and THE BETRAYAL OF NATALIE HARGROVE. Thank you so much for helping out, Lauren!

Alayna has such an awesome heart! She donated 7 books, all really in demand young adult books that marked off many of the books I needed from the kids' wishlist. Thank you so much Alayna, you're really going to make them happy!

Shelley Coriell donated a copy of her novel about a girl struggling to do a community service senior project like I am. The irony is hilarious! <3 Thank you so much Shelley! I'm sure they'll love this funny contemporary!

Farrah was amazing enough to contact me with two really popular ARCs to send my way, two more books that I could cross off of the kid's wishlist! You rock! 

Colleen sent a signed copy of TIGER'S CURSE my way for the kids and I'm 100% sure they'll l ove it as much as I did. Thank you, Colleen! 

Emmy was amazing enough to donate one copy of her post-apocalyptic debut, MONUMENT 14, signed to the kids. Thanks.

Debbie Dadey is a very popular MG author. She donated four of her hilarious novels ranging from mermaids and the worst name a third grader could ever have. Thank you so much, Debbie!

The charity would not be a success if it were not for you guys and all of the future donators. Thank you... so much for everything you have helped me do thus far. <3 Have an amazing 2013!

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