SANCTUM: Malachi's Journal + Giveaway

If you were to ask me what my favorite book of 2012 is, SANCTUM would be among my top 2 choices. You can find my review here. When Sarah offered me the opportunity to share bonus content of my favorite book with you, plus a giveaway, I couldn't pass it up!

“My plan: Get into the city. Get Nadia. Find a way out. Simple.”

A week ago, seventeen-year-old Lela Santos’s best friend, Nadia, killed herself. Today, thanks to a farewell ritual gone awry, Lela is standing in paradise, looking upon a vast gated city in the distance—hell. No one willingly walks through the Suicide Gates, into a place smothered in darkness and infested with depraved creatures. But Lela isn’t just anyone—she’s determined to save her best friend’s soul, even if it means sacrificing her eternal afterlife.

As Lela struggles to find Nadia, she’s captured by the Guards, enormous, not-quite-human creatures that patrol the dark city’s endless streets. Their all-too-human leader, Malachi, is unlike them in every way except one: his deadly efficiency. When he meets Lela, Malachi forms his own plan: get her out of the city, even if it means she must leave Nadia behind. Malachi knows something Lela doesn’t—the dark city isn’t the worst place Lela could end up, and he will stop at nothing to keep her from that fate.
"Malachi’s quarters had no windows, no decorations. His room was just like everything else about him—nothing unnecessary, nothing wasted. His narrow cot rested in a corner, right next to something that looked like a hat rack. He walked straight to it and hung his bloody, stained armor over it. A small desk stood across from the rack, but the only things that sat upon it were a fountain pen and a single book, like some kind of journal. Neatly stacked in a corner rose a tower of identical books as tall as I was. A lot of journals."

If you want to get to know someone, reading his journal is the way to do it (though you should probably ask permission first). Malachi is no exception: his journals contain his thoughts, hopes, fears, plans, and adventures during his time in the dark city. Starting today, excerpts will post regularly throughout the publication of the Guards of the Shadowlands series at, but to get things started, you can read excerpts from Malachi's first ten days as a Guard NOW. And you can enter to win one of ten SANCTUM swag packs, which include an exclusive bonus scene from Malachi's point-of-view!

Malachi's Journal: Day 1...

Brick walls. A cot in the corner. No windows. The door is locked from the outside. I'm not sure how long I've been here. The one named Raphael brings me food. Nine meals ago, I began counting, but I don't know how many there were before that. Three meals ago, I asked for paper and pen. Two meals ago, he brought them. One meal ago, he appeared in this chamber with my food, saw me writing, and told me that I am ready to receive another visitor: a Guard named Philip. He said Philip is the Captain. He said Philip is MY Captain, that I am one of the Guards now. But I will never be one of them. I will stay sane, mark the time, and plan my escape. Starting now.
1. Open Anywhere.
2. Fourteen years or older.
 3. One entry per household.
4. There will be 10 winners that will receive 10 of the packs described below! 

Visit the other blogs in the event to answer more questions and gain more chances to win! The days below correspond with the day of the journal entry. Only two posts are not posted this day.

Day 1: - 12/6/2012
Day 2: - 12/6/2012
Day 3: - 12/6/2012
Day 4: - 12/6/2012
Day 5: - 12/6/2012
Day 6: - 12/6/2012
Day 7: - 12/6/2012
Day 8: - 12/6/2012
Day 9: - 12/7/2012
Day 10: - 12/14/2012


  1. This book looks seriously awesome! Love the cover and premise :D Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  2. I just started this, but I'm already a HUGE fan!

  3. I LOVED this book, SO much! (My review goes up tomorrow) and I'm loving getting to know Malachi and his state of mind in the beginning. But I just feel so bad for him!

    1. One of my favorite books of the year. Malachi is a character that I'll never be able to forget!

  4. This sounds like such a great book! Thanks for sharing the excerpt :)