Hello, everyone!

With all of the recent uneasiness regarding Google Reader and possibly Google Friend Connect, I decided to join BlogLovin'. Please follow me on it! You can find the link above!

If anyone can truly answer the question regarding whether GFC will disappear with Google Reader, that would be great!

I'm still trying to figure out BlogLovin' and frankly I love GFC haha <3


  1. There has been no official statement saying GFC will be closing down. When Google Reader goes away, the only downside is that when people follow you via GFC your blog will no longer get added to Google Reader.. since Google Reader will no longer exist.

    But unless Google changes something between now and then, the widget will still work and people can still follow you. They will still be able to login to their Blogger dashboard and view the blogs they follow.

  2. There are some rumors on other blogs about the end of GFC, but I have no idea. We'll see what is going to happen. I follow you on Bloglovin' just in case!