Introducing: Reader's Choice!

So, I've decided to pick up this new meme because I want to be in contact with my readers more. Well, more or less bi-weekly. You can put as many books as you want me to read in this list for whatever reason. You're curious about it, you think I'll enjoy it, you want more opinions before you try it, you think it sucks and want to watch me get pissed off in a review. Really, whatever you want. It can be a book I picked up at BEA that you want reviewed early, or a book that's been out for years that you think I'll love. Really, truly, whatever you want. And every two weeks I'll pick one book from this list, so that's two a month. Every review will go up within a week of completing it (two at most in case I can't get around scheduling other reviews for that week) and the bottom of the most recent review will have a new form for you to fill out for the next book! If I don't own the book, I'll do my best to trade for it or take it out of my local library.

I want to connect with my readers more, so this is your opportunity to make that happen!

I also want to thank my friends Christina at Reader of Fictions and Gillian at Writer of Wrongs for allowing me to take their idea and use it on my website, too!

This first feature will be completed in the first two weeks of July!

What do you think of this new feature?


  1. LOVE this new feature! I think it's a great idea, especially since it's more about all the great books you may have missed and not just about ARCs ;)

  2. I love that bloggers are starting to do this more! Thanks, Lili.

  3. This is a great idea! My Readers Choice post is going up tomorrow.