15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 1

The 15 day Book Blogger Challenge can be found here.

Christina from A Reader of Fictions, Mickey from I'm a Book Snark, Jessie from Ageless Page Reviews, and myself have decided to do this over the course of 15 weeks. One post will go up every Friday in order to teach you a little about ourselves.

So... let's begin! 15 book related confessions:

1. I used to dog-ear. I know, the inhumanity! I was a very forgetful child and I would always lose my bookmarks. I tended to read outside where I couldn't just turn something into a bookmark unless I decided grass would be suitable, so I dog-eared. I know, I'm preparing to walk away in shame.

2. I have not finished the last book in the Harry Potter series. I know! I can't bring myself to do it! I just can't! I will not say good-bye to my favorite characters ever.

3. I have gone years at a time without bringing up a book. When I was younger, reading was something that I had to be in a certain mood in. Now, reading keeps me sane, but I just couldn't read at certain points in my life. I turned to other things like basketball to keep me focused through some hard times.

4. I feel like an idiot sometimes saying this...but my cat reads with me sometimes. Not literally, but my personal pet named Cosmo will cuddle under my arm and stare at a book while I read it. It makes it terrible for me because I can't move, but he's so cute! He just sits there and watches and occasionally if a page gets stuck mid-turn he finds the intelligence somewhere deep inside him to turn the page for me with his paw by slamming it down. It's absurd. I love him, but he runs into walls a lot...so that intelligence is buried way, way deep.

5. If I am reading a hardcover book I have to take the dust jacket off, only for something bad to happen to it while it's not on the book. I might as well just leave it on that way it can avoid crumpling and cats and sticky fingers, but I can't! It slides off the book and gah. Hardcovers are so pretty but they're not good for anyone.

6. I hate non-fiction. If you ask me to read a non-fiction book my brain cells will slowly shrivel as I try to bury myself into the wall to get away. If they were not essential to writing research reports I would never have picked them up in my life.

7. I hate everything horror. I won't watch movies, I won't read the books, I won't even think horror. I am the most marshmallow-y of Marshmallow's and I will never sleep again.

8. I hate to DNF books. I feel like if I wasted any money on you, I should finish you. But lately I've just let myself realize that if you're not enjoying a book it's ruining your reading experience and you have to let it go so that you can enjoy another book. But still, it sucks to give up on something you obviously hoped would be good. Why else would I have picked it up?

9. I hoard my ARCs. I know a lot of people say that they can't have ARCs in their bookshelves, but I have so many. I even have a special place for them unless they're part of a series in which case I put them with the rest of their series. As a broke incoming college student, I just can't afford to buy finished copies of ARCs I loved, so I keep them so I can have a copy for myself. I buy finished copies for those that absolutely blew me away and I do pass many ARCs on to friends, but gah, I just can't afford it. :(

10. My TBR pile is the size of Everest. Really, I should just call it Mount Never-rest. I want to read them all, but the pretty new ones and required reviews always get in the way! It's why I introduced Reader's Choice!

11. Some inner part of me loves love triangles. Really, only if they're done right. But if it's badly done then I just cringe and break out the claws.

12. I think that a book is always better than the movie. My AP World teacher laughed hysterically while I was watching the movie THE BOY IN THE STRIPED PAJAMAS because I just sat there with my arms crossed. How could you take out the symbolic shaving of his head and so many other things?! With that being said, it's amazing to see a book come to life on screen at some points.

13. I don't have a preference for my love interests. I tend to really like the nice guys, but since I grew up in Jersey and nice guys don't exist here, I tend to enjoy the assholes, too. That is, if they have a believable reason to be asshole-ish.

14. When I read a book, I inadvertently pick out names for my future kids just because they sound great. Right now, I'd love to have a son named Noah.

15. If I read a really great book that day, I tend to dream about it that night. The characters make a one-night appearance in my dreams because I think about them so much. It's strange, but it's like I've gotta work them out of my system in order to move onto the next ones. And it only happens with books I really adore.

Welp, I hope you enjoyed getting to know me and my weird thoughts a little more! See you next Friday for day two!


  1. 1. I went through a brief phase in...middle school maybe?...where I used to dogear. THE SHAME.

    2. I've not reread the last two because they were so sad, but I'm going to go back through the whole series at the end of the year.


    5. I really really wish they just had awesome spines and stuff instead of those dust jackets. They are so annoying, though I can't throw them away like my friend Mandy does.

    7. I can read books, no problem, but put me in front of a movie, even one that's not all that scary and I am PETRIFIED. Though it doesn't affect my sleep, just the time where I'm watching the movie.

    8. Yup, I like to punish myself for unwise purchases. YOU BOUGHT THIS, SO YOU MUST SUFFER.

    9. I keep them too. Often I end up giving away a finished copy and keeping the ARC. I feel affection for the copy that I actually read, even if it's not perfect.

    10. baha, Mount Never-Rest.

    12. Disagree. This is not ALWAYS true, just usually.

    15. JEALOUS.

  2. #1: I still do this. I do it more than you do though. I tend to forget bookmarks too, but I also dog-ear passages for my faves. How better to find the best passages? And meh, don't walk away in shame!

    #2: NOOoOoo. You've got to. You'll never be free of the characters because you can always reread the series. At least this what I tell myself, and it's true for me because OMG I love those articles that talk about what happens AFTER the 7th. See? Still plenty if you finish. The 7th is immense but absorbing and my fave of them all. (Don't tell me you've watched the 7th movie without having read the book though o.O.)

    #3: BASKETBALL PLAYERS WOOTZ WOOTZ. I'm with you. I wasn't as interested in discussing them at some points in my life.

    #4: I want a picture of this. Sounds like it would make for an adorable gif. And the cat is there to offer you comfort when the book smashes you to smithereens. If it does, I mean :D.

    #5: So many people have talked about removing dust jackets, but I'm with you. Something will inevitably happen to them if I do that.

    #6: I'm with you. It takes a very special circumstance to get me to buy a non-fiction book, and even then it takes weeks to finish it.

    #7: ME TOO. Except I read the books because they don't scare me very much (not a visual reader). Movies? Oh, hell no. Covering my face if I ever do watch.

    #8: DNF DNF DNF and move on! (I say this, but I'm so with you if I've bought the book. I've been lucky enough that none of the books I've bought I've ever thought were that bad.)

    #9: I rarely have any finished ARCs to keep. In college, though, at least you'll have free access to the library nearby, so if you do want to revisit one you love (and couldn't bring with you)... hopefully they'll have a copy for you? I took a job as an RA in college specifically so that I'd have a fund to buy books with even though I was the worst RA... :O

    10: Me too! And I'm like you - I choose the books I already own before the rest of the reqs. :)

    12: Most of the times, I'd agree. Not a movie but I liked TVD as a show more than as a book.

    13: Me too. I like the nice guys, but I can also appreciate a big bad like the Darkling if done well.

    15: ME TOO. Sometimes. It's very rare. This also happens with some movies or t.v. shows (LOST). I agree with working the out of your system - sometimes I'm dreaming up new adventures or a different ending for them.

  3. #1. I did too! But once I started buying my books, I grew more protective. I own about 100 bookmarks so that I always have one around when I need it.

    #2. THAT IS IMPRESSIVE. I can understand this, but I HAD to know what happened. That is some self-restraint on your part!

    #4. TALENTED CAT. My dogs just lay their heads in my lap and get in the way.

    #7. I do too! I am slowly getting more into zombie novels, thanks to the Walking Dead, but I will NOT watch or read most horror.

    #8. I get this. Before blogging, and feeling really pressed for time, I would finish every book, even if it was 800 pages and I hated it. Now? I tend to DNF around 100, if I don't like where it's headed/characters/plot.

    #9. I do this too! Especially if they are signed/personalized. Those are never leaving my grasp.

    #10. Ditto. As of now I own almost 600 books I've never read. It's both insane and sad.

    #15. This only happens to me once in a while, but it is AWESOME. Usually I dream more about tv/movies I've seen, which means for half the year it's zombies trying to eat me and for 3 months it's Game of Thrones fantasy stuff.

  4. #1. I usually dog-ear ARCs. For some reason, I don't feel guilty doing it since I know it's not a "finished" book technically. Like maybe since there may be typos inside, it's okay to crease pages lol. I tend to take less care of my ARCs, obviously. But I'll be gentle with Waterfell for you!