15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 2

The 15 day Book Blogger Challenge can be found here.
Christina from A Reader of Fictions, Mickey from I'm a Book Snark, Jessie from Ageless Page Reviews, and myself have decided to do this over the course of 15 weeks. One post will go up every Friday in order to teach you a little about ourselves.
Confession time? I don't really have a bedtime reading ritual. I've just found that it's necessary for me to read in order to sleep. Otherwise my mind is running a mile a minute and nothing will get it to slow down.
I just have to hop into my bed followed by a cat and I pick up a book. I curl up under my wall-light in the corner of my bed and I read however much I can until my eyes get heavy. Really, this can be anywhere from five to one hundred pages. Point is, if I try to pass out before that moment of calm settles over me, I will not sleep at all because my mind is all over the place.
Everyone else ever notice that Spongebob never takes off his shoes?
 Trust me, it's not fun. I become the grumpiest person in the morning and I snap at everyone out of sheer exhaustion. No bueno, guys.

When I get my reading done, I have this special place on my night stand where I always stick the book I was currently reading. I'm not even kidding, this place is sacred. My cats even know to leave what special object occupies this space alone. Knowing that no harm can come to my book while I sleep and with my mind recently calmed, I can pass out easily even if my cats are stupid enough to attack my feet under the covers.
Goodnight, Kitty!
This may not be a legitimate ritual, but it's the closest thing I have. Really, I have a ritual for my normal reading more than I do my night reading. haha

Can you share your reading rituals? I'm curious now!


  1. Dude, how is that not a nightly ritual? Read until you hit that special sleepy place. Totes a ritual.

  2. Sounds like a ritual to me! ;o) I have a bunch of books on my nightstand, but they've all been read. They haven't been put back on the shelf yet. Hahaha. Your cats sound like fun, too. Ha ;o)

  3. I think that is a legitimate ritual! And I also get the space on the nightstand being sacred; I have two piles on mine, but the closest space next to my bed is reserved for the book I am reading. My dogs aren't smart enough to leave the books alone, but at least the boyfriend is!