Discussion: Life's Always Getting in the Way

Well, the time has come, guys. I am officially going to college in three weeks. Such a short amount of time, yet it is so quickly approaching. Sad and exciting all at once. Eager to leave, don't want to go. It's a flurry of conflicting feelings.

Thus far, I've spent my summer preparing to get ahead on reviews. But I think it's obvious that I won't be able to continue to get 3 reviews up a week. I mean, I have to study. I'm going to spend time with friends. Hell, I already have some tickets to a few Yankees games. I'm not giving up what can be the best four years of my life for blogging. But I won't give up blogging to have the best four years of my life, either. See, blogging simply is one of the best decisions I could have ever made. And I don't want to let it go.

But life is getting in the way. And it'll be doubly hard to keep up my blog. The reviews won't be as plentiful. My average of 12 - 14 reviews a month is probably going to slip down to 6 - 8. My discussion posts will probably increase more to keep the blog active. My twitter interactions will decrease for class and studying. Gotta keep up the grades, to keep the scholarship, y'know? And, unfortunately, studying will ruin some of my reading time.

Especially Mondays, I have 3 classes on Mondays!

While I have the New York Public Library at the tips of my fingers, most reviews will probably be eBooks. Gone will be my gorgeous bookshelves and Netgalley and Edelweiss will truly become my new best friends. I'm in for a lot of change that will inadvertently effect all of my 600+ lovely followers. I really hope you guys stick with me through this.

And my question to you is...how do you handle such a change? How do you think my blog can maintain it's total awesomeness while I manage not to ruin my new social life with new people and my educational pursuits?

I toyed with the idea of welcoming a co-blogger. But, see, Lili's Reflections is for me. It is the home for my reflections. This is my baby, my little work of art that I paid for, that I created, that I design and update and freak out over the most minor of issues with. I don't want to share that with anyone. It's not Lili and _____'s Reflections. It is mine and forgive me, but I am damn possessive of my little baby. Yet, part of me thinks welcoming others would be nothing but beneficial. Perhaps a series of guest reviewers? Or do you think a co-blogger would be beneficial?

Two people gushing over books. Pretty amazing if you ask me.

Do you think more discussion posts and memes will help keep the blog up? Or do you think that, perhaps, shorter reviews would keep it more alive? It takes me so long to write one of my reviews that it cuts into future reading time. I love how I put so much thought behind each review, but if I made them simpler I could perhaps include more books.

So many options, so many struggles.

When you find yourself swamped with work...school...friends...anything really, what is your solution? I won't let my blog go. I refuse, especially since I hope to enter the publishing industry. But how do you deal with life getting in the way? How do you avoid taking those hated but necessary hiatuses?

How can my blog continue to be part of my life and yours without losing its appeal? I'd love to know your thoughts on where I should take my blog come September. You guys truly are what's going to help keep me afloat.


  1. Well, I don't really have any advice for keeping the blog up during college, since I was too lazy to start the blog until after college. For managing to get reading done, I developed a system whereby I would trade myself a chapter or so of my fun book in exchange for accomplishing a homework goal: paragraph of an essay, chapter of a textbook, etc. That might work for you and might not.

    As for keeping the blog alive, I say just do what you can. You want the blog to be an outlet and a fun thing, so don't push yourself to the point it just becomes a stressful thing rather than an escape. Looking at the blogs I love, some update twice a day every day and some update a couple of times a week or even less. You can maintain a following with different amounts of updating. Just find a pace that works for you.

    And, yes, keeping the scholarship is totally important.

  2. I think it is something you should wait to make any sort of "final decision" on until you are a ways into college. Find out how busy you are, adjust to your schedule, new social activities and all the awesomeness that college has in store for you. Some weeks you will have all the time and energy in the world to blog and those should be utilized to stockpile posts. Others will be filled with cramming for finals and social events up the wazoo and you shouldn't stress over that happening. We understand life happens.

    So see which adjustments (if any) work the best for you, we aren't going anywhere. Also, you aren't doing this alone! There are a bunch of bloggers just starting college that will be transitioning right along with you (Annabelle @ Sparkles and Lightning and myself are the first ones that come to mind) so we can bounce ideas off each other AND motivate one another to keep blogging.

    Not sure if any of that helps but we're here for you no matter what you change or don't change. We love your blog, but your love for the blog is what matters and as long as that is coming through it's all good. ^.^

  3. We started Nawanda Files in college, and I have to say, you'll find a surprising amount of time, even if you have to blog during your favorite shows, it's there! I found less "reading" time because most was spent reading school books (I was an English major). So finding the time to read may be your hardest part. To rectify this, I'd suggest a guest reviewer, not a co-blogger. That way you'll still have complete control over your site, and they'll just email you their review.

    College and classes will sound daunting at first. But I scarily scheduled 5 classes three days a week (three hours each) and managed to still blog. It's possible! When I first started my freshman year, I spent so much time socializing that I didn't write at all for 6 months because I felt guilty doing it -- as if I would be missing out on the epic college experience. But that was a horrible decision. I was miserable and missing the very thing I loved: writing! So whatever you do, don't stop blogging :D Even if you have to blog less, try to make a little bit of time if it's something you LOVE.

    You'll be fine. And I totally know what you mean about giving up paperbacks and hardbacks. When I was in a dorm, I couldn't have any physical books with me. Sad day!