15 Day Book Blogging Challenge: Day 8

The 15 day Book Blogger Challenge can be found here.

Christina from A Reader of Fictions, Mickey from I'm a Book Snark, Jessie from Ageless Page Reviews, and myself have decided to do this over the course of 15 weeks. One post will go up every Friday in order to teach you a little about ourselves.

Today's topic...Quick! Write 15 bullet points of things that appeal to you on blogs! In no particular order:

1. Clean, simple designs. I don't like blogs that are in your face bright or their designs are so busy I am easily distracted. I just like something simple and sophisticated. It's why I changed my design, y'know?

2. Proper grammar. I really hate it when I try to comment back on some reviews and I just cringe repeatedly. I can't make it through. If I have any desire whatsoever to break out a red pen and go to town on your blog, I'm sorry, but I can't follow you.

3. Interaction with followers. I love blogs where the owner's personality really bleeds through because they interact with their followers so much. It gives me the vibe that they care about each and every one of their followers. It's why I created my Discussion area and my Reader's Choice Reviews and I hope everyone appreciates them like intended!

4. No onslaught of memes and/or cover reveals. I enjoy memes. I often participate in TTT and STS. Occasionally, I do WoW, but I stopped doing that after a lot of people would comment "oh, I have that one!" It's like a slap in the face because you're openly pining for it and they're shoving it in your face. Either way, if a blog is overpowered by memes, I just can't handle it.

5. Unique content. Instead of just reviews and memes, I love surprising content that relates to books. Interviews, events, giveaways, discussions, cool facebook fun. Anything, really, that goes above and beyond the general expectations floating around the blogosphere.

6. Long reviews. I write long reviews, so I'm automatically drawn to others with long reviews. I can't stand when a review is the length of a synopsis of a book, if not shorter. When they write two sentences about the characters, two about the plot, etc. That's not well thought out and it frustrates me so much. I spend time formulating my opinions to really get them to make sense to others. I can't stand when a "review" doesn't achieve the overall concept of reviewing.

7. Giveaways. I've stopped entering giveaways, but I like it when I find a blog who hosts the occasional giveaway the way I do. I think it's important to reward our followers somehow! Show them their loved!

8. A plethora of genres. I tend to try to avoid blogs that focus on a specific genre of books. Some of those I enjoy because I can name a few paranormal only blogs that cover all creates at least twice a month, but others bug me. Their reviews tend to slip together and become repetitive because there's such a small variation in their reading material. I review fantasy, sci-fi, contemporary, paranormal, mystery, historical fiction, psychological thrillers, middle-grades, young adult, LGBT, the occasional adult cross-over, new adult, and I'm trying to force myself into reviewing a horror novel even though I am the biggest Marshmallow in the world. I try to bring an array of reviews to you, and I like to see an array of reviews in return.

9. Themes. I tend to find a re-occurring theme throughout the blog and design to be interesting. One that's simple and not overpowering. It makes me smile to see a cute little rating like robots or flowers or something as opposed to...huge fairies or dogs or something.

10. Subdued coloring. I can't stand when I open a blog and the background is so bright my eyes water. Simple, lighter or darker colors are what I enjoy seeing.

11. Comment replies. I love knowing that you care that I commented, so you reply! Makes me feel appreciated!

12. Humor. If you can make me laugh whether it is in your reviews or in your discussions or however, really, I'll love you. I love it when you can make me laugh and be entertaining.

13. No noises. That Bane Chronicles thing? If I see it I will leave your blog. I can't stand opening a blog to be assaulted by music or some random noise from an advertisement. Youtube videos are fine, I have to choose if I want them on or not. But, gah! I do not want random noise interruption my musical blogging mojo.

14. No Captcha. If I am writing a comment and I notice you have captcha, I will leave. Captcha and I have this eternal battle of hating each other. He gives me unreadable letters, I give him wrong codes. It just won't work out. We're never, ever getting back together, Captcha and I.

15. Proper use of GIFs. I really love it when I find a blog that can use GIFs in a proper way. Not an "in your face I'm going to shove 40 into this review" way, but a way that emphasizes points and can make you laugh.

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